Sunday, February 19, 2012

Motivational Speech.

Motivational Speech.


Motivational speech is a big business in the west. Here it is fast catching up. People spent thousands of rupees to get motivated. How effective is motivational speech? Does it really work?

What do you think when you see a half-filled glass of water? Do you think it is half full or half empty? If you are an optimistic you see half full glass of water and if you are a pessimist like me you will see half empty. These types of questions are asked by a motivational speaker to impress kids.

The question is whether the glass is half full or half empty but in real life how you handle situations which are not under control makes you either a winner if not a loser. Optimisms alone cannot solve our basic problems. Studying root of the basic problem will help to overcome situation which are not under our control.

When you find fault with someone you point your index finger at him/her. Have you noticed below your index finger three other fingers are pointing at you! It means before you accuse someone you should make sure that you are not at fault. When your superior says some example like that do you think he is making sense to you? I do not think so. First, when you accuse someone you cannot point all your five fingers at him/her. It means you are warning for a slap in silent language.

When you are pointing your index finger at someone you are point out his fault. What is wrong with it? Most of the time the other person is not aware of his mistake. We are only making him aware of his mistake so that he realizes it.

Motivational speakers will tell you too many examples (stories) but does it really help us to get motivated? I do not get motivated by reading or listening speeches.

While studying at school we all studied about lord Budha, Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln and other great people. But in real life none of us became great people. Most of us do not even follow their footsteps.

As a sale cum service technician I had sold office automation equipments and white goods. Being a service technician I know all my products inside out. Even with manufacturing defect we were able to sell our products! Manufacturing defect? Substandard materials were used to manufacture fridge and washing machines. Defect will appear only after a period of years. When selling our products we only highlight products features. Only when customer with technical knowledge point out flaws / non availability of certain features, even then we tries to convince him to buy our products!

In Indian parlance when you say he is a sales man you can be sure of two things. You will find a bag in his hand and mouth full of lies! That is the description given for a sales man here.

Motivation should come from within us. In life one should try to improve our living conditions. Not everyone can set time limit but we should aim for ultimate goal of improving our living conditions.

I would like to know your opinion about motivational books and speeches.