Sunday, September 30, 2012

Life of Little Princess. part-7

Sob …weep…no amount of cajoling her helped my pathetic ‘situation’. I told her “Believe me, it was not planned. Once in a blue moon it just happened. Then I was just seventeen years old boy”. I think she refused to believe me.  You know woman loves white lies, hypocrisy and diplomacy no wonder a broken heart is always carried by a woman!
Unlike in west we do not have the back seat of car or back yard to make it happen…One can forget about your place or my palace. Privacy is the biggest problem in India. The person who said, “Virginity is the lack of opportunity” must be a white man (foreigner). Unlike in olden days it is not that our Roots are holding youngsters. If you ask any youngsters in India, they will tell you it is the lack of opportunity that they remain virgin. People in Indian middle class families are always worried that what others (society) think of them .As if they are making a living out of our society! You will not see such a Hippocratic society anywhere in the whole world.
“Dear, had I left you high and dry "?
"Oh! Yeah! I thought it was better to get good sleep. My wife went on crying. “Nonsense, stupid girl… I could not sleep properly.  She went on and on until she fell asleep. Only a child will cry over the split milk. I think once someone plan to get married he/ she must leave the past. As far as sex is concerned once, you lost your virginity to some one that is it! Even scientifically, it is impossible for time reversal. My question is “is virginity guarantee successful married life? I believe it is the mutual understanding between couple makes happy married life.
For the next twenty-four hours, my wife did not speak to me. On the third night, she came to my room with a glass of milk. As usual I drank the milk, lay on the bed, and pretended as if I was sleeping. I wanted to how she was going to handle the ‘situation’. In fact I slept comfortably. She woke me up in the middle the night and asked me to promise her that in future I will never sleep with any other woman. Even I liked her idea. I do not like my wife sleeping with me and having an affair with someone .I wants my wife totally committed to me physically and emotionally. I immediately agreed to her and promised her “that I will not sleep with any other woman.” … even after ten years of our married life we kept our promises. Now you wanted to know what happened after that. Don't worry I am not going to leave you high and dry …here it is... Written for my Blog friends in the west... Check with your western style of first night …Ours styles is different. It has its own charm.
There was no money for honeymoon.  A new life!  At last somebody is there at my disposal! What a great feeling!” Boy. Why did not I get married earlier”? Life was smooooooth.  No more washing clothes or dishwashing and forgets about cooking. I felt like singing.” what a feeling...”
One of the service engineers working at our Hyderabad branch resigned and left for gulf. My manager gave me transfer letter asking me to join at HYD branch in two weeks’ time. I pleaded with him to send one young service engineer who was completing training at our service center in Chennai. Manger told me that I was promoted as sales com service engineer (without any raise in salary) I had explained to him by telling selling international brand fax and laser printer are something new to me. I also will find it difficult to meet expenditure. All my reasoning fell on his deaf ears. He insists that I join HYD branch without cribbing.                                                                              
I had worked at HYD branch for six months. Life was tough. A part from attending service calls I also had to sell fax, dot matrix, laser printer, computer monitor, and cordless phones and there was target to meet. I tried my best. I could not make incentive by selling products because it was an international brand and prized above all other brands. Most of the time I end up selling product at end user’s prize, just to show the minimum target.
My mother and wife wrote separate letters to me. Even silly problems were blown out of propositions in pages after pages. In most of the letter they accused each other. At home without a referee (me) it was free for all. We men get along easily. If we do not like the other person, we will avoid him at any cost. If the problem persists, we will solve the problem with another problem. It is like “trouble the trouble and there won’t be any more trouble". For us men it is just that simple. At home my mother and my wife wanted to bring the roof down! I thought enough was enough. I will find some job in Chennai. I had submitted my resignation letter after working for six month at HYD branch and returned home without a job.
Even after three years my wife was not conceived. We checked it with leading Gynecologist .she told me that my wife needs test and medication.  After spending more than five thousand rupees and waiting for ten months my wife delivered a healthy baby girl. I went to see my little princess
In her native place with new cloths and presented her cute little teddy bear. I saw my little princess for the first time. She was sleeping. My wife handed over my little daughter to me. She opened her tiny eyes and stared at me.  I still cannot describe my feeling in words while holding my little princes in my hands for the first time. 
My wife named her Ammi-ni.  To me she will be always Sony Gudiya .My wife later wrote to me that my "Gudiya" was scared of teddy bear and used to cry when she was an infant. Gradually she got used to him and they became Inseparable. My wife was taking training at her home to bath and look after Sony. After fourth mouth I brought them back to my home. Sony carried teddy bear wherever she goes. Seldom she gets angry and poor teddy became her victim…teddy was always at the receiving end, after beating she tells ‘him’ she doesn't want him around. She then throws him out of the window. My wife or myself go out to pick up the teddy and 'pacify' him .if our daughter is still angry she will came back and beat teddy again, at times she would threaten teddy that she would kill him!. Hardly one year and two months old and she want to kill teddy! When we pacify our poor teddy, Sony feel sorry for him. She then tells him sorry and gives him a bear hug and showers him with kisses. They soon became inseparable once again. Watching our daughter grown-up in front of our eyes cannot be described in word .I used to compare my intelligence with her age. Comparing to other girls of her age Sony was an intelligent girl.                                                                                                                                                                                
At the age of two she was able to sing five nursery rhymes, she was able to tell the names of week and months, she could also count one to fifty. I felt very proud of my little daughter. Her.......