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BROKEN HEART. ( Horror) . Copyright registered.

Log Line. I will hunt down and kill everyone of you!

Short synopsis.
Young married couple from North India decides to spend their honeymoon at hill resort Kodaikanal in Tamil Nadu. The husband was beaten to death and his young wife gets gang raped and murdered. They burnt the body of husband and wife so that there is no evidence. Only husband alone comes back to life!  Out of ten million people in Chennai city he will have to hunt down and kill each one of the perpetrators of crime in a gruesome manner.

Web Excerpt
Kathik first.
Anna Nagar is far away from Muthukadu lake area. I came  back to city via old Mahbali Puram road (OMR). Anna Nagar is the biggest colony in Tamil Nadu. I went to the Anna Nagar tower . It is a landmark area in Anna Nagar. There I found the layout of Anna Nagar .I slightly lowered the windshield and looked for AZ block; plot No; 29/2A, . It was fourth left on second street. I shifted gears...

On the second street I searched for House No: 132 . It is the fifth house from the right side. I parked SUV ahead of the house and waited for people to pass by the car.  When no one was around the place I opened the door and got out of the SUV.  There was a metallic  gate about six feet tall. I jumped over the gate and went straight through the main door.  Once inside the sitting room I looked around the place. It was a bloody mess. He must be a bachelor. It was already  2 p.m. No one was on the ground floor. I went upstairs.  His bedroom was not locked . I opened the door and went inside. He already had a few drinks from the bottle and was sleeping.  I closed the door behind me and  sat on a chair. I was thinking how to kill him. If I kill him in his sleep he will not know  who killed him and why he had  to kill him. I have to wake him up so that he will understand why I wanted to kill him.

I got up from the chair and took the liquor bottle and threw it against the wall. Hearing the bottle breaking noise he woke up. He looked at the broken bottle.
"I am here to kill you...."startled he got up from the bed. He looked in my direction and switched on the table lamp.  Seeing my shadow  image on the wall he got scared . He got out of the bed.
"Who are you? And why do you want to kill me?"
"You and your friends raped my wife and killed both of us yesterday night at Kodaikanal suicide point . Now you remember me?"
He wiped out his sweat from his forehead. As I moved closer to him he walked backwards. The wall stopped him walking further back. He searched for something to hit me. I caught him by his neck with my left hand.... I started 'coming alive'. With my right hand I punched his face real hard repeatedly . His face became bloodied. He started chocking.  Side of the bed table there were apples and knife on a silver plate. He grabbed a knife and plunged into my left arm shoulder muscle. It was bloody painful. Blood started dripping onto the floor. I pushed him back  and started moving backwards. Seeing blood dripping on the floor and my moving image  he repeatedly knifed me. I could feel knife moving through my body. I  gradually disappeared in front of his eyes. I pushed him hard and he fell on the floor next  to  the bed. He took out a gun from under the bed and got up.

He came forward and pointed gun at my head!  "BASTARD , YOU ARE DEAD'! He fired twice. Bullets went right through my head! Standing right in front of him I noticed he was not looking at me but my reflection in the mirror which was behind me on the wall. In the mirror image he could see me in the flesh . He looked terrified. His hand was shaking nether the less he fired right through my head twice . I could hear broken mirror falling onto the floor.  When I looked over my shoulder I noticed I was standing right in front of a huge wall mirror.   With my left hand I caught hold of his hand. I was gradually coming into his view. I deliberately kept me away from his firing line. He fired two more  bullets in rapid session. In desperation he wasted two more bullets. Right in front of him  I am very much "alive and kicking". You must see the horror on his face. I gave him a bloody blow on his face as he kept falling he kept firing at me. ...I  could feel the bullets passing through me. He had emptied his gun.....he tried to escape by running towards the bedroom door. I was double fast .  I kicked in his left leg and he fell flat on the floor. I lifted him and threw him against the wall. He landed on his head and broke his neck. I lifted the wooden chair to hit him. He begged me to spare his life. "Please don't kill me.... I beg you...please...." I dropped the chair.

"My wife begged you all to spare our return you all raped my wife and killed both of us. I came back to life but my wife will never ever come back to life. God had sent me to kill you all.... After I kill you I will kill your friend Arun and Rajesh. You lesser mortals can do nothing to stop me ..." as I moved out of the room he kept track of my shadow image.  Having broken his neck  he could not move out of the bedroom .
I came to the main hall. There are two other bedroom on the first floor.I could not find anything to kill him .At the far end there was a small pantry room. There was a fridge and gas stove with few vessels.  I closed gas cylinder knob and removed rubber hose connection and carried cylinder to his bedroom  and closed bedroom door behind me . I  opened a gas cylinder regulator knob . Gushing gas made a hissing noise .He went on with his pleading.... Pretty fast room was getting filled with gas. I moved towards the bedside table . My shadow image is the only clue for him to follow my movements. I took out his antique table lamp made out of marble and switched on. He again begged me... "Please don't kill me…."

YOU, BASTARD! YOU ARE DEAD NOW!!' I Smashed lamp against the wall. Table lamp broken into several pieces and there was the spark which ignited the gas. The entire room was engulfed in flame.  Even my body burnt brightly.Screaming frantically  and moved like a snake through the floor. As I walked towards the bedroom door I looked over my shoulder.  His body was on fire. He cried for help....  As I walked through the bedroom door he looked at me with astonishment. I had hardly moved couples of  the steps cylinder blast had sent me right across the garden.Front portion of the first floor was blown away.  I landed near the main gate.  Hearing the blast sound people from the main road pushed opened the main gate and "ran through'  me to save him. I moved under the tree shadow and walked towards the SUV . I got into the SUV and zoomed out of the scene.... Next Target..Arun.

I had been carrying this story in my mind for the past six long years! I had the only story concept with me. After I got joined here as lodge manager i never got time to write. Unlike other writers I cannot set time to write fiction. Once I decide to write fiction I write day and night till I complete fiction. One day i though how long i had to carry this fiction in my mind. I decided to write the main story. It is only thirty one A-4 pages long. There are subplots which i can develop any time.

Since i am not going to publish Broken Heart i thought of sharing just one scene with my blog friends. Unlike my other fictions writing Broken Heart was not easy. Before i started writing i had not decided what are the special characters (powers) i should give to Ajay after he comes back to life. There is also time frame. In less than twenty four hours five people should get brutally murdered. For each one i had to use a different method of killing. Traveling time from kodai Kanal ot Chennai city takes more than twelve hours . It's about 517 K.M from Kodaikanal to Chennai city. Out of more than ten million people in Chennai   'I' (Ajay) need to hunt down and kill in day time.

Unlike Hollywood ghost my ghost can not piss while flying! (Joke) . He is not invisible. His presence can be felt. He Comes 'alive' on few occasions.  His special appearance and powers are given for CGI and VFX effects. The kind of makeup or special effect is not available in India. Naturally movie version will cost real money. For the movie version of Broken Heart i want to work as associate director! So that you will get my kind of visualization.

Forty percent of the movie has about a boy met girl, love, romance, courtship days and honeymoon. Sixty percent of the movie runs in 3D stereographs.

I wrote this fiction exclusively for movie production .Since i am not going to publish Broken Heart i will have to find a producer or a major movie production house.   i do not know how long it is going to take....
Author of Broken Heart.

N.B: By publishing Eternal Love through vanity publishing i lost money. You know the funny thing about vanity publishing? You can send blank papers and get it published with your name! Readers can 'read' your book by running their imagination wild!