Thursday, December 6, 2012



Human life is the most complicated and unpredictable life. Whether you and I believe in Fate or not shit (fate) happens but life goes on and on….. Fate is nothing but dramatic twist and turns in life for better or worse. Here in India people believe even before our time of birth our fate on earth was written by god on our forehead! It means you cannot change your fate. It is god‘s will. Nobody can change your fate, until and unless you have decided to change your own fate. I would say our purpose on earth should be to change our fate (if you believe in fate). Our destiny is in our own hands .Change your ‘fate for a better tomorrow. Waiting for luck or miracle to happen in your lifetime is the stupidest thing you can do.

Remember only those who realized their fate is in their own hands made out life. Success will not come to you. You chase it like a mad man. Success will test your patience, endurance and perseverance. Do not ever live in hope. Only fools live in hope. Have confidence in your ability. Know your limitations. And above all set realistic goal. Ultimately you should win the race. Whether you believe in fate or not shit (Fate) happens. I had experienced it for six long years. 

I said human life is the most complicated life on earth. Anything can happen. Instead of believing in Fate, think it was an accident. See what best you can do to overcome 'hardship'. Fate you can not foresee where as an accident can be avoided if not you can take precaution.

Next time you will not believe in Fate; you will only think how to 'exploit the existing situation. And you will start thinking like me. THINK DIFFERENT when you think different you will find more ways to overcome setbacks (fate) and obstructions or failures in your life. Neither FATE nor FAILURE can break your will power.

When things go wrong it is easy to pacify our mind. 'It seems that there is a curse on me!' nothing seem to work for the past six long years! But just by thinking that way we are not solving our problem. In fact we are sleeping over problems. And our problems never get solved themselves. No wonder when everything goes wrong people start believing in God, bad time, fate and all other superstitions. I admit there are certain things which are not under our control that does not mean praying god or believing in superstitions is going to help. Thinking different ways to overcome obstacles and working to achieve our goal is the only solution.  I (atheist) to say there are certain things which are beyond our control (fate).  We all have one thing in common. Fate (shit) happens , why it happens or when it happens nobody knows .Perhaps this is one of the main reason majority of people still believing in God and superstitions. Remember human life is the most complicated and unpredictable life. Think rationally. Praying god or believing in superstitious things is not going to help solve your problems.  Try to find ways to overcome failures in life

When an accident takes place do you think it was fate or you try to find out who was at fault? Accident happens it need not be our fault. It just happens. Do not blame it on fate. We say 'fate ‘only to pacify our mind.

If I were to believe in fate, I would say fate had played havoc in my life. As a bachelor, I was a carefree man. Theist mistakes accident for fate. They refuse to think rationally. I too met accidents. “Accident can happen to anyone”

Did I say Fate? Yeah, I met my fate when I saw my wife for the first time. Before marriage, as per Hindu marriage custom I had to see my fiancé my mother is an old woman and she insists that I check ‘our’ horoscope before finalizing marriage. Before I checked with my present wife, I had already seen three other women. Two of them rejected me. They were graduates. And the third one, I had rejected her. She was postgraduate but too fat. I hate fat people. Man or woman, he/she should have proportionate body.

Astrologer checked our horoscope and told me” you had better look for another girl. Her horoscope does not suit you. (I am an Antiquarian and she is Leo). Out of ten points only six points in matches. As per Indian horoscope, it should be seven or more points for a harmonious life or else marriage will end up in a cacophony! We alien do not believe in astrology, numerology and all other irrational things. I believe the success of any marriage depends on mutual Understanding between husband and wife. After the seven year itch, my wife (fate) left in her native place with my only daughter. I was stirred and shaken. I had done post-mortem on my married life. You can find the final report in “The life of little princess “life/story. The atheist will pacify his mind by saying fate! It is all gods’ wish” he will never try to analyze the situation.