Thursday, April 17, 2014

M.H 370 .An act by terrorists.

M.H 370
An act by terrorists.

Too many people are working on new theories.  It is a clear sign of terrorist act by pilots.

Pilot had deliberately deactivated transponder and signal systems.  Is this how you people at Boeing makes plane? Allowing pilot to deactivate transponder and signal systems. Even if a civilian plane violates enemy air space they will not shoot it down.

Reason for pilot’s terrorist act I believe that he is a sympathizer of Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang province in china. They had been fighting for independence from china for the past few decades. Out of 239 passengers 136 of them belongs to china. Pilots want to punish Chinese government. He either planned to hijack the plane or went in for suicide mission.

Recent report suggests co-pilot tried to get in touch with his cell phone. It means co pilot was not aware of pilot’s diabolic plan (suicide mission) he only came to know of it at the last moment. May be he was under the impression of hijacking plane.

Black box battery will last only one month. In mean while rescue /recovery team had wasted precious time. They should have deployed mini submarine in the beginning itself. Now that the battery had run out; it is going to take very long time to locate black box. Retrieving plane from the sea bed is going to be an herculean task.

‘Jihadists and terrorists are by product of sick society .they are like cancer. If not treated properly it will spread the entire society ‘ Jivan.

Jihadists are using their knowledge and technology to achieve martyrdom.

If only you fight and die for your motherland you can achieve martyrdom. You will not achieve martyrdom by fighting ‘somebody’s dirty war and kill innocent civilians in the name of religion.  You jihadists are misguided by your preacher.