Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Atheist Are Terrorists.

The Atheist Are Terrorists.

The Saudis have proclaimed a law which defines all atheists as terrorists! Atheists are terrorists? BULL SHIT. Who is killing whom in the name of God and religion?  It is Islamic religious fundamentalists. Al-Quada,Taliban, Brotherhood, Hamas, Hezbollah ,LeT and other fundamentalists organization .in which other religion people kill innocent people in the name of God and religion ? Three days ago an Afghan police officer shot dead a female journalists from Germany shouting ‘Allah-hu-Akbar!’  Every time a jihadist kill /behead, he praise GOD. Where in your holly book it is written ‘Kill people in the name of God and Religion?’

No atheist will kill people in the name of God, religion, cast or creed. All those innocent people killed in the communal violence are by religious fundamentalists.  It is not blood, it is God, religion and cast run through their veins.

Even though none of your holly books preaches to kill innocent people in the name of God and religion only religious fundamentalists are killing each others. In no other religion people are getting killed in the name of God and religion. Sectarian violence /ethical cleansing took place in Iraq, Libya, and Afghanistan. Still happening in Syria and Pakistan…. Shias and Sunnis are blasting places of worship. Within one religion/community so much intolerance.  National or international level you will find jihadists and terrorists all over the world. More and more youngsters from Muslim community are becoming jihadist and terrorist.  When an atheist got nothing to do with God, religion, cast and creed how can he became a terrorists? It is only Religious fundamentalist wants to fight and kill others in the name of God and religion.

When we atheists read about communal violence/ massacre we are ashamed of your ‘civilization’.  People kill each others in the name of God and religion. What a tribal and terrible system you are following.  As an individual you have to evolve regardless of your knowledge or qualification.

Reason for racism is not just xenophobia alone. Root of the problem is God, religion and cast.
I think of less than ten percent of the population in the world belongs to atheists. That means more than ninety percent of the population believes in God, religion and superstitions. Just because more than ninety percent of the world population believes in God does it mean you too have to think like buffaloes?  Think rationally and try to find presence or act of God in your day today life; think whether any of the superstitions belief makes senses to you? Does it have any scientific reason to believe in it?

I have observed few things from life and wrote quotes for you... Reason for people to believe in God and superstitions.
1) Life here on earth is most complicated and unpredictable.  Uncertainty in our life force people to believe in God and superstitions. Neither your God nor you belief in superstitions is going to help/solve any of your day to day problems. It can only help you to pacify your mind.
2) Man had created God, religion, cast and creed. Root of all the problem is God and religion! World over people are fighting in the name of God and religion.”  
3) The purpose of religion is to keep people ignorant, thereby keeping religion alive.
4) God? A thing, which cannot be seen, did not hear, nor can its presence can be felt. Under exciting most sophisticated scientific equipment its presence cannot be proved that God exist. 
5) Man has not evolved until and unless he became an atheist.
6) The reason for faith in God is the result of failure in rational thinking
7) Terrorists are by products of a sick community .They are like cancer, If untreated it will soon spread the entire community.
8) Theists are born with herd mentality.
7)  Why do people believe in God and superstitions?
A.  They refuse to think rationally.
B. Uncertainty in life forces them to believe in God and Superstitions.   
C. Because people are basically stupid and sentimental. 
9) When you see war in the name of God, religion. Poverty, death, destruction and injustice all over the world; tell me do you still believe in God?
Be an atheist. Think rationally and STOP believing in God, religion and superstitions.
Hope is for theist and Life is for Atheist.
You all are telling me that there is GOD. I am telling you that there is some bloody SHIT out there. Shit happens. It is real and it is no laughing matter.

Only an atheist can unite the world.  Come and join my band wagon ‘Universal Love’ the new religion.  We will celebrate life in the name of Humanity.
Author of Universal Love