Saturday, April 8, 2017

Content writing.


Now a day’s more and more people are into content writing. Content writing is nothing but plagiarism.

You may be able to write few things about a particular subject from your knowledge but content writing requires accurate knowledge of the subject. You need to get the facts right for that you have to use Wikipedia or Google. You take (copy) required facts and write it in your own style. Even though there is money in content writing I do not like it. There is no creativity and you will end-up working on somebody’s ‘left over’.

On my blog profile, I wrote clearly that I am a story concept writer also capable of writing a concept for advertisement. One of the guy sends me a request asking for content writing about Chennai city. From my knowledge, I was able to write but for content writing, I had to check with Wikipedia /Google. I sent one A-4 page of facts about Chennai city along with a note ‘Do not send me money, take it as a compliment. I do not have time for content writing …’

You need to spend long hours to ‘research’ (search) for your ‘materials’ online. It is really time consuming and boring work.

Where is the creativity in content writing? When you write fiction or concept for advertisement you can use your creativity. Content writing is O.K for homemakers and senior citizens.

Only established companies will pay you good money others will pay you very little money. Some of them will not pay you money after they received your hard work.
 Read company profile before you take up content writing.