Saturday, April 8, 2017

Story concept writer.


I said I am a story concept writer that means I will write only fictions for movie production. You will only find main story in my fiction. There are subplots which I can always develop. When you write fiction for movie production you have to develop subplots with necessary dialog.

Here is a simple passage from my fiction ‘Broken Heart. .Horror fiction.

‘My father got transfer to Delhi with a promotion. We rented our house in Chennai and moved to New Delhi’.
 This scene can be set in different ways but this how the scene will appear on screen after developing subplot with necessary dialogue.

I was watching T.V program in our hall.
Maa” Ajay, it is already 8.30. Your Dad is late. Ring up and find out”.
I took out my mobile phone and rang up but there was no response.
Calling bell started ringing. Maa went and opened the door. It was my Dad.
Maa “you are late. What happened”?
He handed over his briefcase to her.
Dad “I will tell you later. First, let me take bath and freshen up. You go and arrange dinner for us”.
Maa went to the kitchen. After about fifteen minutes Dad came back to the hall in pyjama and kurtha. He invited me for dinner.
Dad “Ajay, come and have dinner with us”.
I switched off T.V and joined for dinner.
Maa “Tell me. Why are you late today”?
Dad “Good news! I got transferred to New Delhi”. I will have to take in charge of our head office by next week”.
 Mum seems happy “Great! Delhi climate is like our Ooty! There are historical places to visit. We can also watch republic day parade. I love Delhi”
I ….” Maa, Delhi summer is unbearable. The temperature will shoot above 45’C. Delhi is the fifth polluted city in the world. Dad got promotion as punishment “.
Maa...” No problem.  The company will provide A/C accommodation for us. I am definitely going to Delhi”
Dad…” I have been promoted as deputy general manager of our head office on merit.”  He turned to me “Ajay, pack up everything in two days time. Go to movers and packers and book one container for Delhi. It will take four to five days to deliver our goods at Delhi guest house. We all will go by flight. Our company had already booked a flight ticket for Friday. So prepare for a long stay at Delhi. You also give advertisement in the news paper for House for rent with your mobile number”.
I…” Dad, I will book container on the day after tomorrow. Tomorrow I am going for boating with my friends at Muthukadu Lake. I then turned to my Maa...” Maa, tomorrow I want you to prepare lunch for three of my friends”
Maa “No problem Ajay, I will do that”.
I …” Thank you, Maa…”
Meanwhile we all finished our dinner…..

When you get a chance to work for movie production as a writer you will be asked to write or develop subplots with necessary dialogue. 
Indian movies you will find an unnecessary mouthful of dialogue like “Maa… Samber is delicious!”  Fewer dialogues and more action will add ‘flavor’ to the scene. Instead of dialogue if you show a scene like … after he finished eating dosa and if he licks clean his plate audience will understand Samber is not only delicious but also licking good. Writing appropriate dialogue make sense.  This will help screenplay writer to break into the small scene. Small scenes will give realistic ‘look’ and credibility for the story.

Story concept writer,