Saturday, April 8, 2017

Copyright violation.


LINGAA the Tamil movie directed by K.S.Ravi Kumar and RajaniKant starring movie came under copyright violation.As per the original story writer he had place synopsis on YouTube years ago. Now the director claim he himself wrote the story for Lingaa but actor RajaniKant says that the story was written by pon Kumaran! Territory wise movie was sold at the high prize. Theatre owners incurred a heavy loss. Now they are demanding thirty-three corers of rupees as compensation. The end of one man show.

As per Indian movie copyright violation, ‘there should be ‘thirteen continues scenes in a movie’. I think this rule was ‘designed’ by producers so that they do not have to pay money when they steel story concept or just copy original work or movie.

The sucker (the person who copy fiction/movie) is not just another hole, he is a smart ass hole. He will modify story such a way that there are no ‘thirteen continuous screens ‘in his story /movie. As a story writer, I would say ‘number of similarity /scenes or percentage with the original story should be the criteria for filing case against plagiarism/copyright violation. Having written ten fictions I can tell you modifying story does not require great skill. I am capable of modifying my fictions to set the story in any part of the world or as per the budget of movie production.

YAAN. Tamil movie is the copy of original Hollywood movie midnight express written by Bill Hayes. For Yaan Tamil movie director had copied scene by scène and frame by frame!

In India selling the story for a movie, production is purely based on TRUST. Story writer will end up narrating the same story to a minimum of ten to twenty producers before he can finally sell his fiction for movie production.  With Smartphone one can copy /record story and later modify it to avoid paying for the writer.

Not every producer in India is a creative person. Most of them are a business person. If they feel it is worth spending millions of rupees to make the movie out of a fiction then why the refuse to pay for the writer or original work?

Author of ‘Eternal Love & Broken Heart’