Saturday, April 8, 2017



Do you know the differences between a theist and an atheist?
We atheists are NO fools. You theists will pay for your stupidity! Now it is my turn to prove my words.

1) Everybody likes to know about our future. Right? You theists will spend money to know your future. Astrologer, numerologists, palmists and fortune tells…..

We atheists work towards our goal, slowly but sturdily.

2) When a theist passes through bad phase in his life he will consult with God, astrologer, neurologists and palmists.

We, atheists, know shit happens because human life is most complicated life on earth. We are prepared for any eventualities in life.

3) You spent money on the expensive stone to bring fortune and to keep off evil spirit.

 4) In old age, you all look for salvation because you have no peace of mind.

We atheists look forward and prepare for D-Day.

5) Your life is ruled by a planet, god, religion, cast and superstitions. You people think and act irrationally.

 We atheists are governed by our conscience. We think and act rationally.

7) Theists are a Prehistoric man!  We atheists are ‘EVOLVED’ species! Atheist –jivan.

The advantage of being an atheist.
You are no longer a prehistoric man. Your herd mentality goes through the roof. You will start thinking rationally. You no longer fear God or believe in superstitions. You are ruled by conscience .if you are a theist it is because of your failure to think rationally.

When you became an atheist you became evolved species. You will be able to think beyond God, religion, cast, creed and superstitions. You will have compassion and love for mankind.

Only atheists can unite the whole world.  When you became an atheist you will love humanity. Atheism should become world religion so that NO one will kill in the name of God, Religion, cast, creed or race. 

"Man has not evolved until and unless he/she became an atheist" jivan. 

can your religion unite the whole world?

Only atheism can unite the whole world. jivan