Thursday, March 31, 2011


2D IMAGE. 01-06-2010
More than twenty-five years ago, my friend had given me this image. One look and I was sure this man is a creative person. However, I had no idea who he was.

One sleepless night I went though my old diary. No… No... I do not intend to write my autobiography. …O.k.…Ok... I will wash my dirty Linen in publics place when I became notoriously famous. While browsing though my old diary I found this 2D-Image No doubt, this man must be a painter!

Next day I went to net cafĂ© and checked with google. Google image... typed all known painters’ name... No luck. May be he is a philosopher! Then I remembered reading a small article in our national newspaper. SIGMUND FREUD. On Google image, I found my 2D image there. Along with this image, I found few words…”what is on Man’s mind”?

I would say it is ‘You’ (chicks) are always on the back of our mind. ‘You’ are the one who make us go banana. Without ‘you’ life is like without salt and pepper.’ you’ are the reason for our life!”

This man is a genius. I am going to read more about him on online. I was always fascinated by mind. I love reading everything about human psychology.

If you show this 2D image to any woman, they will tell you it is a man’s image with a beard. After several blinks, they see naked image of a woman. But if you show same image to any man they will tell you there is a naked image of a woman on man’s face. We men first see Bermuda triangle even before we see the big picture.
This 2D image was my profile photo on face book.