Tuesday, November 13, 2012

How far sex is permitted in Indian print media?

Calling all writers and critics

How far sex is permitted in Indian print media?

When I introduce 'Eternal Love' final edition (Mature) your opinion and suggestions will be of great help. Read a sample here. It is only a tip of the iceberg. There are three more love making scenes in it , including a marathon love making session before the end! 

........I never knew Maya could be so much fun. Around 11 P.M it started drizzling and we left for the room.                         

I had locked the main door. Maya went and opened her suitcase took out a pink satin sleeveless maxi and went to the bathroom and locked it. I switched on the TV and I removed my T-shirt. With my jeans I pulled down my knickers and got into Bermuda trouser .I heard her unlocking the bathroom door.  I kicked my knickers under the cot. She came out of the bathroom with a mischievous smile on her face. . I spread both my arms at her and expected her to hug me ...she went straight to bed and fell flat on her face .I slowly got into bed. She hurriedly pulled up one pillow and stuffed her face in it. I laid next to her and removed her long hair from her face and nibbled at her ear lobe. She giggled. I sucked on her earlobe with her ear stud. With my right hand I massaged her back. .Surprise! She had deliberately removed her bra for me. Planted gentle kiss on her cheek .She turned her face toward me. I kissed on her forehead, and then on the tip of her nose .She spread her lips wide .She was smiling wide. I turned her on her back and tried to kiss her lips but she kept smiling wide .You know the stupid smile when a girl plays hard to get.

I could not kiss on her lips. I then sealed her mouth with my mouth .I moved my hand over her bosom and gave her gentle massages. She was over excited and was breathing heavily. I felt for her nipple with my thumb and index finger I tried to tune her! Her nipple became hard .She went on massaging my back with her both hands .As I continued kissing her slowly I moved my right hand over her voluptuous body.                                                                                   
Around her navel, she felt tickling sensation and started laughing .I pulled her thigh slightly apart and brought my hand between her thighs to feel her tender flesh.  With my middle finger I probed her slit. Surprise! How thoughtful she was.  She-simplified thing for me by not wearing her panty .She was prepared for our night games! The though it gave me a mild erection. As i went on kissing her I pulled up her satin maxi above he waist and ran my hand over her soft mound .She slightly spread her leg .I held her hand full of her tender flesh and give her a gentle squeeze .She responded it with her raised hip. Wanting caresses more. From the right corner of my eyes I could see her 'mystery 'it was warm and swollen. Suddenly she held me tight and kissed hard on my lips. I raise my hip and pulled down Bermuda shorts and kicked down with my right leg. I rolled her on top of me. She leaned over me and flipped on two-way switch near the bed. Main light went off and light blue color light filled room. . I put her thighs on either side of my hip .she went on with her kiss. With both my hands I massaged her buttocks. She had great booty. She pressed her pelvic muscle hard against my groin and swayed her hips .I could feel her erected clitoris rubbing against my penies. She started breathing heavily and pulled up maxi to her chest. Her erected nipples were rubbing on my chest .She locked my shaft between her thighs and stiffened her body...I rolled her on her back .I dismounted from her .Put my middle finger into her mouth. She bit it hard and smiled with her eyes. She then sucked on my index finger. I slowly removed from her mouth moved my right hand over her chest massaged her left breast. After gently squeezing her tits I gradually moved my hand further down .i Felt her soft tender flesh .With my middle finger I tickled  her clitoris .She was getting exited .My middle finger found its way to her 'holy hole 'It was already wet and slippery.     
I could feel 'her' tightness around my finger .I moved my middle finger deep into her  and started gently moving in and out of her holy hole .She folded her left knee and spread her thighs wide .as I went on sucking on her right nipple gradually I increased the speed of my finger . This is the first time I ever masturbated a girl .She became tensed and held me hard and kissed hard on my lips. As I went on masturbating her with my middle finger she started reaching for climax. She raised her hip up and down.                                                                                                                  
I then removed my finger and mounted on top of her..."honey spread your thighs wide and let me in!" she allowed me to get between her thighs.    
I pressed my throbbing shaft against her against her pink petals. Friction on her clitoris brought her to a feverish pitch. She pleaded me "honey. Please… Help Me. Please!"...                                                                                                                                                                                         
Now and then she raised her hip to meet my groin. My penies felt slippery with her Lubrication. "Ajay loves me tenderly."...I knew that she was reaching climax. I raised my hip and pull back foreskin and gently pushed my pink bud into her vagina .I could feel vice like grip around my pink bud it was bloody tight.
Maya …" I will cry.... Ajay...."
I…' 'No, honey…. Don't, cry please don't…" I gave few gentle strokes and with one deep thrust, I had deflowered her. She let out a small cry .The sensation of deflowering Maya was just out of body Experience. I started thrusting harder and deeper into her .She held me tight she was writhing and panting under me. I had increased speed and went on pumping her... She started responding to me with her raised pelvic Thrust. Each of my strokes was met with her raised pelvic thrust. We gradually got rhythm and went for blastI shot my full load deep into her vagina we both collapsed in bed. I could feel vaginal muscle squeezing my penies for more love juice. I held her tight and sucked hard on her mouth. She gradually loosened her grip on my back. With her vaginal muscle sucking on my penies; her half closed eyes and rashes on her face told me about her orgasm.  The pillow was wet with Joys of tears! With the ejaculation I had reached my orgasm. I felt heaven is deep inside her pink petals .She gifted her virginity to me .A gift I remember for the rest of my life...                                                                             
I cannot describe my first Orgasm in words .It had an out of body experience...   I lost my virginity to Maya ... I kissed on her Forehead. Between her legs and deep inside I slept for the rest of our first night. Our first orgasm will become a life time sweet memories…

Sunday morning she woke me up with her gentle kiss. I was still deep inside of her...I held her face with both my hand and asked her gently.
I…"Honey how was yesterday night?"                                                                
She blushed and closed her face with both hands. I could see her smiling .I gently kissed on her lips. Her eyes still closed with hand she said softly. "Ajay you are a dream maker! Thank you for giving me the earth shattering feeling .I will cherish it for the rest of my life! You made me feel like a woman!"                                                                                                                           
Slowly I pulled her hands apart, she was still blushing. I whispered into her ear,"Thank you for giving me my first orgasm. You were great honey!" We went on smooching for some more time....