Monday, March 28, 2011

First Night.

First Night. 05-08-09
Dear friend,
Here I am writing some thing especially for you, not to titillate you but it will tell you some thing about our middle class family in India .We may be from the land of Kama sutra. Even after 60 years of freedom we (average) Indians are sexually suppressed. Sex is still taboo in Indian middle class family.

We have Khjuraho temple in Orissa, which was built about 400 years ago. Most of the foreigners who come to India visit Khjuraho temple. There you will find sex scenes. (Exotic stone carvings) in different act of sex like fellatio, cunnilingus, Anal, orgies and even animal sex! As if you see in present DVD pornographic movies, .does that means our ancestors enjoyed unnatural sex in those days. I am not sure.

I got married very late in my life. For Indian standard ideal age for a man to get married is around 28 years. When I got married, I was 42 and my wife was 36. Even though I am from Kerala, we had settled down here in Chennai city, Tamil Nadu (south India) for the past 34 years.

My wife is from Kerala. I got married at the most famous temple in India, at Guruvayur. After the marriage as per our customs, we both were asked to pray at the temple. I am an atheist .you know what I prayed for the first time in my life? "O" God! There should never be any fight between us "! Within seven years of time (seven years itch), we had developed irreconcilable difference. To find out why our married life went down the drain you need to read my life story THE LIFE OF A LITTLE PRINCESS (life /story).

After the marriage and reception, we returned to Chennai by train. It was packed. We went on talking (discovering each other) until we fell asleep. There goes my first night down the drain… I mean noting happened not even physical contact. Even in our small rented house, there was no privacy.
On the second night after the dinner at around, my wife came to my room with a glass of milk in Indian style (As per our customs). After drinking milk, .I asked her to sit next me on the bed. Guess what were her first spoken words? She asked me a simple question.” Have you ever had physical contact (sex) with any other woman "? I thought she was waiting for a chance to ask me this question because at the time of marriage engagement she did not dare to ask me this question. If you wife had asked you same question how would you react to it? I am an Aquarian. Stupid and brutally honest .I just said "yes!”. All hell broke loose …she went on crying…. In between sobs and weeping, she managed to say, “I preserved my virginity for my man”. (Till the age of 36!) And you are not a virgin man "! Sob …weep…no amount of cajoling her helped my pathetic ‘situation’. I told her it was not planned. Once in a blue moon, it just happened. Then I was just a seventeen years old boy. It was a convenient lie .I made love with that same girl for more seven times! Read sensation of deflowering (in my blog)… “An out of body experience” t. you know the truth. Woman loves white lies, hypocrisy and diplomacy no wonder a broken heart is always carried by a woman!

To be frank with you I made love with four other virgin girls in my celibacy life I mean until I got married at the age of 42. You know I prefer only virgin girls. Why? Not that I am a sadist who like to tear hymen. In fact, it is much more fun with a girl who is shy and would love to explore mysteries of life with me. Imagine …fighting hard battle on a soft bed... It is real fun … but the reason is very special. Comparing to an experienced girl a virgin girl is very shy. There is innocence and vulnerability in her. I like Lolita…Like we men they also like to enjoy sex but their inhibitions prevent them it initiate or even cooperate with us. That makes the game even more interesting and enjoyable. I love do every thing for her from undressing to …watching her experiencing her first orgasm.

Unlike in west we do not have the back seat of car or back yard to make it happen…One can forget about your place or my palace. Privacy is the biggest problem in India. The person who said, “Virginity is the lack of opportunity” must be a white man (foreigner). Unlike in olden days it is not that our Roots are holding us. If you ask any youngsters in India, they will tell you it is the lack of opportunity that they remain virgin. People in Indian middle class families are always worried that what others (society) think of them .As if they are making a living out of our society! You will not see such a Hippocratic society anywhere in the whole world.
“Dear, had I left you high and dry "?
"Oh! Yeah! I thought it was better to get good sleep. My wife went on crying. “Nonsense, stupid girl… I could not sleep properly. She went on and on until she fell asleep. Only a child will cry over the split milk. I think once some one plan to get married he/ she must leave the past. As far as sex is concerned once, you lost your virginity to some one that is it! Even scientifically, it is impossible for time reversal. My question is “is virginity guarantee successful married life? I believe it is the mutual understanding between couple makes happy married life.
For the next twenty-four hours, my wife did not speak to me. On the third night, she came to my room with a glass of milk. (As usual). I drank the milk, lay on the bed, and pretended as if I was sleeping. I wanted to how she was going to handle the ‘situation’. Infact I slept comfortably. She woke me up in the middle the night and asked me to promise her that in future I will never sleep with any other woman. Even I liked her idea. I do not like my wife sleeping with me and having an affair with some one .I want my wife totally committed to me physically and emotionally. I immediately agreed to her and promised her “that I will not sleep with any other woman.” … even after ten years of our married life we kept our promises. Now you wanted to know what happened after that. Don't worry I am not going to leave you high and dry …here it is... Written for my Blog friends in the west... Check with your western style of first night …Ours styles is different. It has it’s own charm.
My first night experience and my sexual fantasies I wrote for my character in ETERNAL LOVE. Sci-fi love story. An average Indian is sexually suppressed due to lack of opportunity. He can only dream about his sexual fantasies. In my case, I write my fantasies for my fictional characters. So long…bye friend,