Sunday, May 12, 2019

Creative director.

Creative director.

When I told producer and director I wanted to work as creative director for movie version of my fiction they all laughed at me. They said then you producer movie version of your fiction then only you can work in every department of film making otherwise it is impossible to work as creative director in film industry.

In advertisement and T.V serial you will find creative head. Advertisement will last for ten or twenty seconds for that you need creative head?!

Some of the Indian advertisements are very badly made. Sometimes it is the concept other time it is the way they presented. In my leisure time I think how to improve or make better advertisement. Sometimes just little bit of improvement is required other time I have to think new concept to sell same product. I wrote advertisement concept for battery and perfume which is much better. You will find concept on my blog.

Here in India T.V Tamil serials are made for homemakers. You cannot find logic in T.V serial.

One of the T.V serial one characters is suffering from amnesia, his family members feed him banana, after eating banana he will regain his full memory and he remember everything! He recognizes his mother, wife and children!! Miracle do happens so often in T.V serials. Where is the logic or creativity here? You will find similar comedy scenes on T.V serials.  One young police officer try to rescue young woman from gang rape, officer was hit on his head with wooden log and he lost his eyesight. Few episode later same police officer met with car accident and he regained his eyesight! Call it miracle or act of god. His head injury cured his eyesight! Now he can see everything but he pretend as if he is still blind and follow three of the culprits and arrest them. So instead of going for eye treatment if the patient gets hit on his head wills he regain eyesight? This is also work of creative HEAD of T.V serial. LOL

When writers run out of ideas this how they goof up stories. I never wrote such blunders. I wrote realistic fictions. You can never find fault with my fiction. When I first wrote fictions I only wanted sell my fiction for movie production.

 Creative director should be able to work from story synopsis to pre-production and till end of post production. He will not take camera for photo shoot for posters, he will not operate movie camera and shoot scenes, he will not direct scenes, and he will not work on graphics or CGI so what else he can do?

He can modify fiction as per the budget of producer or set the story in other part of the world. Convert entire manuscript into movie script or screenplay ,Concept for photo shoots for poster. Run title, design sets, assist director and graphic artists to get his kind of visualization.  He will use rough sketch or table top models to convey his idea to director, graphic artist or cameraman. They will use their experience and knowledge to execute the scenes.

I am capable of doing all these for movie version of my ten fictions.  I am yet to sell my fictions for movie production. Sure I will ask for a chance to work as creative director for movie version of my fiction.

Here is the starting paragraph from my fiction ‘Broken Heart’.  This is how I wish to present first paragraph. Here I am not writing about lighting condition, camera angle or composition.

My movie script for BROKEN HEART.

First paragraph.
Our happy family consists of my dad, mom and I. We had our own house in vadapani ­Chennai. My dad was working for a north Indian company in Chennai. He was very strict when it comes to studies and disciplines. After completing my studies as a software engineer I was looking for a job in Chennai. Even though I got a job offer from Bombay and Delhi my parents wants me to work here in Chennai. They do not want me to work in a faraway place.
We all are capable of presenting this simple paragraph using our own idea. I am yet to learn screenplay writing. This is how I wish to present the scene with opening shot.

Copter cam positioned high above the temple. Graduated orange colored filter for camera or we I will 'paint' sky later with golden hue. View point Marina beach. Scene.  Time laps photography is used for gradual early morning sun rise. Couples of digital birds are flying parallel to the horizon.  In the back ground one can hear early morning devotional song. Gradually copter cam comes down in front of the temple. In big bold letters CHENNAI appear and gradually fades away. At about four feet from ground copter cam take forty five degree turn .in front of a house my mother giving finishing touches to Kolam .she gets up and looks at her creation and satisfied with her work. She turns around and came to sitting room. Whistling sound can be heard from the milk cooker. She goes to kitchen to make coffee. After hearing whistling sound of milk cooker my dad open his eyes. He gets out of the bed and comes to visiting room in pajama. He takes news paper and start reading it. Mother after pouring coffee in two cups takes it to the visiting room and handed over one cup to my dad and sat next to him. They both drink coffee.

Maa…. “What is today’s special news”?
Dad “our C.M is going to inaugurate metro train service” After finishing coffee my mother collect empty coffee cup and was about to leave for kitchen.
Dad “Sit with me”.
Maa... “Today is not Sunday, before you go office I have to prepare breakfast and lunch for you…”
Dad “O”, I forgot, carry on….”Maa goes to kitchen with empty cups.

I slowly opened his eyes and looks at the table clock. 7.32 am. I got out of the bed and come to visiting room in pajama.
I “Morning dad…”
Dad “Good morning Ajay, Sit. What is your today’s program”?
I “MAA….COFFE”…... “Dad today at 10.30 I have to attend an interview at C.S. it is at sholinganallure”.

Maa pour one cup of coffee from flask and brought for me.
Maa “if you get job in Chennai I will break one hundred and one coconut at pillayar temple”
I” Maa…every time you say this I get job only in faraway places “.
Maa “For you everything is a joke”. She goes back to kitchen.
Dad “Best of luck Ajay” He handed over news paper to me. “I will get dressed up for office…” he goes to his room to freshen up. After going though news paper I left for my room to get ready for interview.

At 8.30 A.M. Maa started arranging breakfast on dining table. I and dad come out of our room and we all had breakfast. Maa handed over suitcase and lunch box to dad .I take my dad on my bike to his office at mount road. After dropping him I went straight to C.S office at sholinganallure for interview. After attending interview he was offered job.

Interviewer “you are excellent; we are offering your 50K per month as starting salary. You will be posted in our Mumbai office”
I “Thank you for your offer; I am looking for a job in Chennai”.
Interviewer “At present we do not have job opportunity in our Chennai office.  You can join for job at Mumbai .As and when there is vacancy in our Chennai branch you can take up job here”.
I “Fine sir, plz let me know when there is vacancy in Chennai office so that I can join here”.
Interviewer “Sure, we will let you know…”
I “Thanks. Bye, sir…”

I came out of the office and went to cafeteria and had lunch. After lunch I went straight to Sathyam Theater to watch TERMINATOR GENESIS. After movie I went to Elliot beach to meet three of my friends. Rajeev, Rahul and Sanjeev were already waiting for me at the usual place.

Rahul “Bro, how was interview?”
I “Tough one, But I scored maximum marks. They gave me one project. I had to finish it in three hours time but I managed to finish it in two hours, forty minutes and fifty five seconds. The interviewer was very much impressed with my performance. Later he told me that same project will take more than three hours to complete.
Rajeev “so, they offered you job?”
I “Of course, they offered me job with 50K salary per month”
Sanjay “O.K, let’s celebrate!” today you are going give treat for us”.
I “wait! I had to decline their job offer!”
Rahul “But why Bro?” they are the one of the leading software company in India…”
I “They offered me job at their Mumbai head office. At present they do not have job vacancy here in Chennai. May be in future as and when there is vacancies in Chennai they can get me transfer to Chennai”.
Rajeev “In my opinion you should have joined for job at Mumbai head office. Mumbai is a nice place to live-in”.
I “you all know that my parents will not allow me to work in faraway places .they want me to get a job here in Chennai. I told interviewer to inform me as and when there is a vacancy here in Chennai office. That was the end of interview”.
Sanjay” Do not worry Ajay, for your qualification you will get a better job here in Chennai”.
I “O.K, so who is going to order for snacks today?”
Rahul “today it is my turn... tell me your choice of snacks I will order it “.
I “let’s have Pepperoni pizza”.
He dialed papa john and ordered four pepperoni pizzas and two litter of coke. In about fifteen minutes time pizza boy delivered coke and pizza for all. Rahul paid for that. Pepperoni pizza was really good. 
After spending some more time at the beach we all left for home around 8P.M. 
I got home around 8.30 p.m. my parents were watching T.V program.
Maa “Ajay, have you got job”?
I “Yes, Maa...”
Maa “when you have to join for work”?
I “Any time at I can join for work at their Mumbai Head office”.
Maa “No...No… I do not want you to work at their Mumbai office”. Try to get a job here in Chennai…”
I “they do not have vacancy in their Chennai office”
Dad “Ajay, Don’t worry, there is always another chance”.
I “Yes, Dad”.
Maa “you take bath and come for dinner”.
I “Yes, Maa...”
At around 9 p.m they all had dinner. After dinner his parents watched T.V program till 10 p.m. Later they went to bed. Ajay after watching TV program till 11 am went to sleep. 

Hope I managed to write appropriate dialog. There is scope for improving dialog. Do you need screenplay or shooting script to shoot above scenes?  I do not need screen play, shooting script or story board to shoot these simple scenes.  Just little bit of planning scenes alone will do.                                     
Developing subplots are part of creative director’s work. A director should be capable of visualizing scene by scene. Visualizer should assist director and graphic artists using sketches or table top model. He should also be capable of designing poster, running titles and set designing.

 Given a chance to work as creative director for movie version of my fiction I will set my story in your choice of country at moderate budget also I will convert my fiction into movie script. Each paragraph will be made into scenes with appropriate dialog. I will also design movie poster (concept) run title, credit title, assist director and graphic artists to get my kind of visualization.
Dreams will not take you anywhere but your creativity can take where you want to be.  Without proving your creativity who will give you opportunity? This is the moot point.
Working as creative director is a dream job