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ETERNAL Love .Sci-Fiction Love Story.

ETERNAL LOVE .Sci-fiction Love Story.

Dear Friends,
I had introduced my short novel Eternal Love in India.
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Eternal Love. Trailer.

ETERNAL Love .Sci-fiction.
Short synopsis.
Ajay, Billionaire’s only son falls in love with Maya. Their courtship days were filled with love and joy. After celebrating New Year on 2005 there were returning to Chennai city. Near the lake bridge Ajay tried to overtake the bus…. A sand laden lorry rammed on their car… Maya survived the crash but Ajay died at the hospital. His father Mr Vishawa Nath Prathap Singh preserved Ajay’s body for indefinite period of time in U.S.A.
Maya was three months pregnant when her parents found out. They want her to undergo abortion. But Maya was adamant that she wants their love child at any cost.
One day she leaves home…. And found shelter at an orphanage in Madurai. Later she delivered a healthy baby girl called Sandhya.
Her parent takes her home on one condition that her daughter will stay at orphanage and she will continue her studies. With a heavy heart she handed over her little daughter to Mother Teresa.
Maya visited her daughter once in a while. Later once she went to visit her little daughter she found her daughter missing! She was broken down and became mentally unstable. After taking treatment for six months she became normal. She was forced by her parents to get married and settled down in New Delhi.
                                                      A.D. 2030.
Brain scientists cum surgeon Dr. Hayward of Cryogenic Technology was in charge of bringing dead people back to life. Ajay was one among the chosen one. Diagnosing brain damage to designing chip at INTEL and to perform complex brain surgery By Honda Humanoid Dr. Hayward worked for the past 25 years!
After successful surgery Ajay was brought back to life! Thanks to futuristic science and technology.  He comes back to India. His search for his lady love begins…
Fate brings them together again! Maya was a happily married woman with a grown-up son of Ajay’s age. What happens to their only love child Sandhya….?
ETERNAL LOVE is the only wholesome entertainer you will be ever reading. My fiction has family value, love, romance, sex, songs, fights, plane crash landing, Robo-surgeon, his assistant S2P with her Antics. Reading my fictions is like watching movie. Today it is my vision; in near future my fiction will become a reality. Trust ME!

Author of Eternal Love.

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