Sunday, March 27, 2011


FREEDOM FOR IRAQ.(opnion) 23-12-06
When bombs explode in the heart of Baghdad I (we) do not see the scores .Sunnis … Shias….…we feels for their families and their sufferings.

Three autonomous region based on ethnic line .Shias, Sunnis and Kurdish region. Americans are refusing to do this. Americans brought miseries to the Iraqis people, now it is their moral duty to bring peace in Iraq. When will this happen? How long it is going to take. How many more Iraqis need to scarify their life for that? Will UN remain silent spectator forever? These entire questions remain unanswered. KASAVO like solution is the only answer for Iraq. This is the only way to stop carnage and amicable settlement for the warring parties. If Mr. Bush and Americans are refusing, Why 164 members of UN refuse to take a resolution (through voting) dividing Iraq on ethnic basis? What is that preventing them stopping blood shed? In this present scenario given a chance, even American will vote for it! They only want to get out of Iraq as soon as possible .it will also give them a chance to save their face! Divide Iraq into three automatons region with a “centralized control system” coalition ministry at the center, monitored by U.N. Relocating Shias in south and Kurdish in north. patrolling of their boarder area (within their divided country )can be looked after by UN peace keeping force and their security personnel from the respective area .once this is done Sunnis can take control of their own region .leaving no more chance for blood shed. No one will permit his or her own people being killed in the name of freedom or religion. That should allow their community to isolate terrorist and jihads form their society .they will find thousands of terrorists and jihads at their doorstep mostly from foreign country .as per their rules they can either be put behind bars or deport them to their own country.

Now for developments. World bank, Syria and Saudi Arabia can contribute help/money to rebuild Sunni autonomous region (Baghdad). It can be developed into a major business /trade and tourist center .Revenue from the Iraq oil from Basra and Kurdish area should share certain percentage with Sunnis .time is the greatest healer. We all can hope for a better future for Iraq.

N.B. In Iraq it is not civil war it is much worst than that, it is ethnic cleansing that is what is happing now in Iraq. Sunnis are killing Shia’s only to drive them out of their region. The world community must accept this fact. We India had a similar ethnic cleansing by terrorists and Kashmieri jihadist. .more than sixty thousand Hindu pundits were driven out to their home and livelihood by terrorists and so called Kashmiri Jihads (Freedom fighters). Even after more than two decades these Hindu pundits are living in an appalling conditions in and around Delhi .they are refuges in their own motherland .Does world community is aware of their plight and problems. Even after 62 years of independence and two different ruling parties came to power, they had done nothing to solve Kashmieri pundit’s problems.
portraitist -Jivan