Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hang him NOW!

Hang him NOW!
Kasab sentenced to death. “Hang him by neck till dead” this legal phrase is all that remains at the end of a judgment ordering capital punishment. In Kasab’s case Pakistan tried their dirty trick even before the final verdict came in. He commits massacre in our country but Pakistani government wants Kasab to be tried in their court! I think the other guys who were arrested in their country are enjoying house arrest.Lawyer Yug Chaudhry says “ the practice of hanging an accused ,even some one like Kasab, is against moral law and has no place in a civilized society” . He further added “No human being has the right to take another human being’s life” I do not know why a lawyer should talk like an idiot? According to Yug Chaudhry terrorist had the right to kill innocent civilians and he should be given warm send off. Hope none of his family members got killed.

India is one of the 58 countries in the world, which allow the death penalty. The punished is carried out by hanging. A small but vociferous group of activist and lawyers has called for an abolition of capital punishment. They say killing the accused does not solve the problem or act as a deterrent.

Civil right activist and lawyer P.A Sebastian believe” killing Kasab who came to die as a martyr may not achieve much”. (I agree with him so, should we Indians give him a hug and kiss?)”Killing a Kasab may satisfy the crude emotions of people, and their desire for revenge. (He mean one Pont two billion blood thirsty Indian’s desire for revenge) but it does not solve the problem of terrorism. Unless the root cause of the terrorism is dealt with. Ten other Kasab will be born”. One of the prominent journalists wrote a lengthy article (3/4 of a national newspaper) to expressed same view about terrorist Kasab. He also said it would only satisfy bloodthirsty Indians. However, he did not say whether to support a terrorist like Kasab or we Inidan should kiss him. But he had not given his verdict. He was a spineless guy. Each one of us should have our own opinion about each and everything .Whether it is right or wrong depends on our perception about the issues or situation.

Civil right activist and lawyer P.A Sebastian had no idea about Pakistani terrorist organization. World community had already acknowledged that Pakistan is a breeding ground for international terrorist organization. U.S government spent billions of dollars in Pakistan to fight terrorist organization within Pakistan. Corrupted Pakistani government officials and ISI back terrorist organization. Why? Unless American find out the answer for that more and more terrorist attack will take place in U.S and Europe. It is high time U.S and the rest of the world community isolates Pakistan.

We Indians are not bloodthirsty people. Capital punishment is the only deterrent for terrorist and people who commit heinous crime. In Kasab’s case, He came to Mumbai to kill innocent civilians and to achieve martyrdom. Whether he die fighting with law enforce agency or we hang him does not make any difference. Either way his will be known as martyr in his country and among terrorist organization. In no other religion one will became martyr by killing innocent civilian.

Our government does not award death sentence for every killer. It is usually life imprisonment for fourteen years. If the killer makes it into the good book then he will end up serving only ten years or so. Death sentence is awarded only in case communal carnage, terrorists and in the rarest or rear case. Coimbatore train blast mastermind Abdul Madhani is still serving life sentence. And the master mind of our parliament shoot out .Afzal was awarded death sentence. But he is only serving life imprisonment. Our famous scientist and ex-president Abdul Kalam refused to sign his death warrant. Do you want to know the reason? Our ruling party congress does not want to antagonize Muslim population in India. India is the second largest Muslim populated country in the world. More than fifteen cores Muslims are there in India .for congress it is a vote bank.

Capital punishment is must for India like country. That should work as deterrent for serial killers, terrorists and for the rarest of rare case (pre determined cold blood murder). We do not want human right activists like in U.S .Here a criminal became local thug, he then enter into politics to become M.LA, M.P or even chief minister. Here human right activists support people with criminal record but not the innocent person. In my opinion, I do not want any killer or criminals given chance to become gandhiyan. We have more than 1.2 billions gandhiyan in India. I would say we should server them (killers and terrorist) on first come first biases. You will agree with me that in democratic country like India, we need stringent law that includes capital punishment for terrorist and killers of innocent civilians.
No one should forget more than 189 innocent people died and scores of people injured in Mumbai carnage.

Supporter of capital punishment.