Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Free gas for running vehicles. Your scientists need to find out whether it is economically

viable to ‘extract ‘methane from air. If it is not economically viable, then check on my

We all know human waste produce methane gas. After ‘removing’ foul smell and
impurities (non condensable gases) one can use gas for running vehicle / heating water or
even cooking!.

My idea is to build free toilet for public in every cities and villages. There we
install ‘treatment plant’ so the methane gas can be ‘extracted’. If installing
individual ‘treatment plant ‘cost more, then there must be one common ‘central
processing plant ‘. The ‘raw’ gas collected from all the public toilet should be transported
to central processing plant where impurities are removed and compressed into liquid
methane gas. Then bottled and sold through the retail shop. There should be only one
time deposit for ‘E-gas (eco-Gas) cylinder .vehicle owner can get refilled cylinder
through out the country just by entering vehicle number / consumer number and driving
license number.

For metropolitan cities and west you can install central processing treatment plant at the
Main sewage plant.

After building proto type of working model based on my concept, you will be able to find
out whether my idea is profitable for your company or not. If it is profitable you company
can sell my idea and you technology, expertise and machinery to the whole world!

India’s problem is not poverty but toilet! It is the same case with all other developing
countries in Asia and Africa. Government and privet parties will invest money if they can
get free ‘raw material’. To get raw material some of them will offer value added service
for the common person. Lol. Business people will open new pubic and community toilets
For the mass and keeps, our cities and villages free from human waste.