Sunday, March 27, 2011


This article was written on 08.08.06.

Why is international community silent on Lebanon war? .The whole world knows Lebanese people never asked for war with Israel, but Hezbollah. Hezbollah is a religious and political party in Lebanon, but how can they have their own army? How can Lebanese P.M permit to run a parallel army in their county?

Which democratic countries permit parallel army? When a ordinary citizen can not carry gun without valid licenses, how Hezbollah‘s can stock 13,000 missiles? (As per newspaper reports).also how can their P.M permit to fire missile from their residential area into Israeli cities? First, find answer for these… before finding fault for retaliation by Israel army.
Hezbollah should be held responsible for initiating war with Israel. Part of the problem lies with Lebanon P.M too. It is cross boarder terrorism by Hezbollah on innocent Israeli citizens. Syrian and Iran conducted this proxy war but innocent Lebanese people had to pay the prize with their life

If one million people moved to safer places it make sense, .when it is war family safety comes first. Those who stayed back in Hezbollah’s area, it is their family members and their sympathizers. Now it should be the responsibility on Lebanon’s P.M and their army to disarm Hezbollah. After the death of so many innocent civilians and destruction of Lebanon city their P.M. had agreed for a international peace keeping force .still their P.M is not giving guarantee that they will disarm Hezbollah .when you have Lebanese army at your disposal why a parallel army is allowed for misadventure that too at the cost of your own innocent civilian life? Can you take the responsibility of their misdeed?

We in India hope for a speedy deployment of international security force in south Lebanon to put an end to the war forever. Hope to see the end of war and suffering of innocent civilian on both countries…