Sunday, March 27, 2011

Mercy killing.

Mercy killing. 01-10-09

Euthanasia. I am in favor of Euthanasia. According to me this how it how it should be performed.

With the permission of dear and near we can proceed. Suitable candidates are terminally ill and person who does not wanted to live any longer on our planet.First, his/her body should be sterilized. Women should be permitted to wear their choice of designer cloths and makeup .I prefers Armani suiting for my Eternal journey.

After that, they are loaded inside a specially designed metallic capsule. If he/she belongs to Hindu religion, special care should be taken to place his/her head pointing towards north. I can assure ‘you’ that minimum of one hundred privet T.V channels will cover your final destination. Think about live relay and gobal audiences. That should put you in good spirit.

Once very thing is ready, they are fired! They are fired from silos .after he/she reaches outer space he will orbit earth at 25,000 + K.m/ hours. Once he reaches, his top speed NASA scientist can divert him to Moon, Mars, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto and beyond our solar System. I mean until he reaches heavenly adobe!

Remember our scientist use ‘sling shot ‘method to send satellites across the planets. He we use same method to get rid off him/her. It is a one-way ticket.
Sing…..”One-way ticket ….
One-way ticket….
One-way ticket … (repeat)
One-way ticket to the heaven. ….It cost only one million U.S dollars.

Recently I read in financial times that found NASA was reeling under recession. Those people out there are not creative people nor they are visualizer. They do not even know how to earn money for their country. They just burn up tax payers hard earned money.

The day NASA scientists comes to know of my concept (great plan) they will offer service for the needy people. . Here I am giving an opportunity for them to mint money. My great idea has three benefits. First NASA can mint money like never before. Population on earth can be reduced and ‘you’ do not leave your dirty carbon footprint on our planet. I am confident the day NASA head of the department comes to know of my plans they will start working on it.

Great ideas (concept) does not come from great people .it come from ordinary people like you and me. However, we do not know whom to present our ideas and concepts. Little bit of madness will help you to think out of box.

N.B: you know what time I wrote this article. It is twelve past fifteen A.m on thirty-Th of September two thousand nine. If you cannot sleep, do not count nickel and dime. Read this article repeatedly. While proof reading this article I fell asleep.
Err is Jivan.