Monday, March 28, 2011


PARIS HILTON. An Open Letter 4 U!
I am an ardent fan of you .you are the modern day Barbie doll. Being rich and famous, you may not need money. I have a request for you. You can do charity work like no other person had ever done in the history of humankind! Here is my idea …I want you to make dolls with your resemblance. With all accessories. Like your party dresses and that kind of stuffs. Some of the model of your party dress for your doll and introduce it in the market .the revenue generated by the sales can be send it to your favorite charity organization .you will be doing a great help for the poor and needy people. You know how to make your more money out of sales? I request you to make your life size doll for playboys (Men)! It can generate more money than you can ever imagine. (Sleeping with your life-size doll can bring peace of mind!) Joke. Hope you will think about it and will do charity for the humankind.
With love,
N.B. This letter was exclusively written for Paris Hilton, dated on 14-4-06. so far I am not able to get in touch with Paris Hilton. I hope some other day Paris Will read my letter and do charities work.
There are rich and filthy rich people in this world; not everybody is doing charity work .some of the celebrities are doing Charity work only for their publicity.
"To help someone you need a willing heart” .jivan.