Sunday, March 27, 2011

Veil controversy

Veil controversy
Veil had taken the world by storm .Our national award winner Shabana Azmi had recently said, in Holy Koran it is not mentioned that woman should wear veil. A noted Iranian woman filmmaker also made same statement. Other intellectuals also support their views. Every body agrees that in Koran it says woman should wear cloths modestly .the main reason for the controversy and confusion is ; because when intellectuals from their own community is telling the truth and rest of their own community people are denying the truth.!. If you try to find the truth, you will find those who are preaching Holly Quran had misinterpreted. Why so much confusion over veil? Why not debate on this subject between moderate and conservatives and clear the doubts once for all? I agree with Prime Minister Mr. Toni Blair on this issue. From the point of security personnel, it can make life or death because of growing terrorism. When you talk to a woman in veil, you will find you are talking to an anonymous person. Nobody is comfortable talking to a faceless person .In India our Muslim women are more liberated .it is their personnel preference whether to wear veil or not.

When we (foreigners) visit Middle East or any Islamic countries, we follow their rules. I had worked for two years in gulf, even though their King boosts about democracy; we the technicians from other religion were put to hard ship. On their fasting time in summer, they work only for half day. Some of them sign the register and go home to watch videos .we all worked for A/C erection in residential areas. Imagine when temperature shoots above fifty-two degree centigrade we were not allowed to drink water or food in the public area. In addition, their fasting lasts for forty days! If we drink water or food in the public place or even at the erection site, we could land up behind the bars. We had to eat food like a thief. Funny people .if it is their fasting season why should they impose rules on other community? Same thing is applicable for them also; when they go foreign country they have to live by the law of land. Funny thing is that when they go it foreign countries they all talk about religious freedom because they are in a democratic country!

Let me tell you it is all about mindset. Do you know the average mentality of an Arab man? According to their mentality if a woman wear normal clothes; other than Burka or veil they all think woman are commodity, titillating, available or even cheap! The main reason is suspicion .if ever we (out sides) happen to talk to their woman; some other man from their community will be staring at you. He will read your face, eyes and body language. His suspicion is that are you mating with her on your mind even while you are talking to her! An Arab man considers man's eye, as an evil .it is no jock .try to look at king's wife or even his daughter; they will gorge out your eyes.

What these Arabs do when they go to U.S or European beach? Just stare at the vulnerable part of woman until they feel 'tired '? Even if a woman is fully covered, you will still see her hand and feet. Imagine if a woman's hand or feet look, irresistible then a man's eyes or imagination can undress her and take her to bed. Nobody can do any thing .not even their own King .it is not that we guys mate with every woman we meet on this plant with our eyes or imaginations. (It will be too bad for our health! joke.) We also think woman as our mother, sister or even as our friend. This is the same case with woman but they will do it discreetly!
Every country has its own sets of rules, code of conduct in public place and law as per their religion or the land of the law; every one must respect and obey if they want to visit or stay in their country.