Thursday, March 31, 2011

What Is Love?

What Is Love? 21-02-1020
I have never been in love. So what the heck is love? Love is a beautiful feeling as long as it lasts. Being a dreamy creature (Aquarian) I often fall in and out of love! Once upon a time, it was with Merlin Manro, and then I fell for much younger Madonna. There were no hard feeling between Merlin and me. It was the same case with Paris Hilton when I left her for Kim Kardhasin .Because it was all happing in my imagery world. Love has no reason, it has only season.

Few days ago, one beautiful Muslim woman with her parents came from Delhi to stay in our lodge. She must be around twenty-eight. I had to ask here reason for staying in our lodge. She said she wants to meet our local police inspector. She produced Delhi police report to me and said she was in search of her missing husband. A run away hubby?! I had a run away wife! What a coincidence! I did not want police coming to my lodge. Marital discord or simple case of looting ornaments? She spoke to me enthusiastically. with her loud expression and hand gesture she was more like our Basanthi from sholay. Natanki-saali!  “ isay ..kai ..Say Bhag jathay”? How can he run away just like that? She was right. Why would anyone wants to leave his beautiful wife in agony? She continued” Ka-noon Kay Hath lam- bhey ho- they hai” .. All Bollywood dialogs. Hand of the law is toooo long! I liked her confidence. After checking police report and proof of identity, I gave her room.

Next day they went to our local police station. Police could not locate her husband’s passport address. Because house number just does not exist! She came back to me .she showed me her photograph with her husband. He just looks like any other guy around thirty. “Do you know him? Have you ever seen him?” I said, “Meow...…” NA... NEVER. She then produced two of his old passport Xerox copy to me. Address was correct. House number does not exit. Twenty years ago, he took his first passport in Raipur address. For second passport, he gave incorrect local address. Instead of taking passport at Chennai regional office with local address, he got his passport from Trichy passport office! Chennai to Trichy is 322 K.M.
She wanted to go to Trichy passport office and search for him. But his permanent address belongs to Chennai. There is no point in going to Trichy passport office. I felt sorry for her and took her to browsing center. I had checked with on line passport status. His passport number is incorrect! Reply.. “Incorrect number!. Her husband turned out to be 420. He made bogus passport with incorrect address!. Finding him is one in a billion chances.

I asked her whether he had run away with her ornaments. Here you can have your ‘cake’ and eat it toooo! It is common practice in India. She told me it is not about her gold but her izzeth (honor) is at stake. Poor soul. She was almost in tears. Since she choose to love and marry her sweet heart her sisters and brothers disowned her .I had advised her “Look, he made counterfeit passport. You do not know his native home address either. The best thing is go back to Delhi, file the case, follow it up there and pray. She wants him back. What is the guarantee that he will stick with her? Next day with broken heart they left for Delhi.

Her husband was working in Delhi. Then the usual Bollywood ‘stuff” happened. Boy meets girl. Their love blossomed. After three years of courtship with their parents blessing they got married. I think this person had hired his ‘parents’. How come his parents vanished into the thin air? He lived with her family for one year. One bad morning he left her for office and never came back to her. Poor family girl, she can only pray. No doubt, that guy is a cheat. If he can get counterfeit passport, he is likely to cheat other poor family girls in the name of marriage.

It is hard for indian girls not to fall in love. Love is a stupid and sentimental feelings here. Every girl would love to experience LOVE. Being sentimental means being stupid. That is what I feel about love. I only feel sentimental when I think about my little princess. I miss her little world very much.

When an average person says “ I love you’ zillion times in his lifetime, not even once I uttered those silly words in my life to any woman , not even to my wife! It is not that I am selfish. I believe those words should come from the bottom of my heart. I am yet to find my kind of woman. But I wish to say “I Love You” before I die!

Here is my quote from my scribbling pad for you ….
" In love... you lose your heart first. Without heart your brain cannot function properly, it means you are lost forever!" Jivan.

Life is funny. Here her husband ran away from her. When I could not manage to run my house (blame it on single income and inflation) my wife chose to run away with my only little daughter to her native place. Is this what you call FATE?