Monday, April 4, 2011

Arundhati Roy

Arundhati Roy

Most of you people in west know about Arudhati. Here she is the champion of human rights. By speaking in favor of ‘Azad’ (freedom) Kashmir, she had fallen from grace. Here I am trying to prove she was wrong by supporting Kashmiri separatists (freedom for kashmiries).

Our government is not in favor of filling sedition charges against her. Government appointed interlocutors are cooperating with moderate kashmiries to find a middle path to end violence and suffering of kashmiries people.

She had personally visited people those who are ‘affected’ by the ‘excess’ of Inidan army including the family member of a woman who was raped and murdered. Naturally those who effected by Indian army’s ‘excess’ need freedom from India. Kashmir like a place it is common practice for terrorists to wear Indian army uniform and commit heinous crimes to discredits Indian army. If it is really committed by Inidan army man then the culprit should me held responsible for their act. A part from rigorous punishment, his P.F and gratuity should be given to the victim. Army and law enforcing agencies are not supposed to screw around on duty. This kind of punishment will deter those people from committing crime against innocent civilians.

Next day she wrote a big letter” pity the nation that has to silence its writers’… on Hindu .27-10-10 here is the last passage from her published letter.
“ in the news paper some one had accused me of giving ‘hate speech’ of wanting India to break-up on the countray what I say comes from love and pride .it comes people wanting to be killed, raped, imprisoned, or having their finger nail pulled out in order to say that they are Indian. It comes from wanting to live in a society that is striving to be just one. Pity the nation that has to silence to writers for speaking their minds. Pity the nation that need to jail those who ask for justice, while communal killers, mass murders, corporate scamesters,looters,rapists,and those prey on poorest of poor roam free…’

Crafting a letter like this comes naturally to her. Ethnic cleansing took place in Kashmir at the height of insurgency. These very same kashmiries had driven our Hindu pundits from Kashmir. For the past three decades, tens and thousands of Hindu pundits are living in and around Delhi in appalling conditions. Our own people are living as refugees in India. Why Arudhati never spoke in favor of them.

‘Pity the nation that need to jail those who ask for justice, while communal killers, mass murders, corporate scamesters,looters,rapists,and those prey on poorest of poor roam free…’ these are maladies of out nation. Out of sixty-three years, more than fifty-five year congress government had ruled our country. Congress is the mother of all corruptions. Our opposition BJP wants to build Ram temple. They feel by constricting Ram temple at ayodhya India’s problems including Kashmir can be solved once for all. They are not opposition party but a communal party.

Out of sixty three years congress a government had ruled fifty five year in Indian .if it can not eradicate maladies of our country then Arudhati should have strive to eradicate those maladies instead of supporting separatists for Azad Kashmir. Let me tell you even her future generation cannot eradicate ‘Inidan maladies’.
I do not know how many of you (foreigners) know about our Kashmir problem. I will write it from my knowledge. Before the independence Hindu king ruled Kashmir. At the time of independence, communal riot took place across India. Hindu king was driven away from Kashmir .fearing his life he sought asylum in Delhi. Pakistan had occupied major part of Indian Kashmir. It is known as POK (pak occupied Kashmir). War with china in 62-64 cost us 64,000 square kilometer of land. Aski–chin (Chinese occupied Kashmir). Later china handed over occupied Kashmir to Pakistan. For the past three decades, ISI and Pakistani based terrorists are waging war on Kashmir. It is Pakistan government and army is behind separatist movement. Kashmieri separatist (traitors) are helping them to wage war against Indian government.
Pakistanis want to internationalize Kashmir problem so that UN. Will intervene and conduct election. Kashmir will become autonomous region. In the end, Pakistan with the help of Taliban will annex Inidan Kashmir to their country. Kashmir is integral part of India and it should remain like that forever... No patriotic Indian should ever allow that to happen.

Our Indian government is still fooling public and students .if you take Indian map you will see Pakistan occupied Kashmir included in India. Check Pakistan or Chinese map of India you will see a headless India. What a shame. How long government of India can fool pubic.

Once autonomy is given to the moderate people in Kashmir sooner of later with the help of I.SI, Taliban and Al-quad will take over entire Kashmir. How many moderate Islamism nations were taken over by religious fundamentalist and terrorists? Afghanistan (part of Afghanistan),Iraq, Iran is ruled by fundamentalists, west bank is ruled by Hamas.North west frontier in Pakistan, Nigeria ,Chad, some part of African countries, part of Yemen, part of Philippines is ruled by Al-quad like terrorist organization. Think of other moderate Islamic countries taken over by fundamentalists and terrorists. Lebanon. When democratically elected president was there Hezbollah had initiated war with Israel. It had resulted in hundreds of innocent life and destruction of their cities. Palestine president Mr.Abbas is a moderate. Hamas from Gaza kept sending rockets into Israel’s residential areas resulted in war. War with Israel in last year cost thousands of palastine life and destruction of their property.

Fundamentalists and terrorist are ruled by religious extremism. Religious extremist will never bring prosperity for their country but they will bring death, destruction and suffering for their own people.
Remember my quotes in scribbling pad “Terrorists are by products of sick community. It is like cancer. If it is not treated properly, it will spread the entire community. Jivan.

Arunthati is talking about Indian armies ‘atrocities’ (excess) to support separatists movements. It every conflict zone it is always innocent people are at the receiving end. Be it in Iraq, Afghanistan, Chechnya or elsewhere. We have finest example of U.S army’s atrocities in Iraq prison Abu grail and Guantanamo bay prison.

In the west most of them are champions of human rights (activists) .I think it is a fad there in Europe and U.S. Here it is catching up. Why none of you (human right activists) prosecuted your ex-president Mr. George W Bush for initiating war in the name of WMD in Iraq? In his newly released book, he had admitted that he made ‘mistake’ in Iraq. Subsequent war and civil unrest cost more than 1,75,000 Iraqis lives. Do you have any plan to prosecute him in near future?

Why you people are keeping two deferent yardsticks. One of the developed nation and the other one for the third world countries? What do you have to say about ‘wikileak? Will all those people responsible for heinous crime and lose of innocent civilian’s life held responsible and prosecuted as per your law?
No country’s president, prime minister or patriotic citizens want their own country to break-up in the name of separatists movements. Why IRA and ETA fought for their rights if they are happy with their government? Will their government allow separate state or country for those people?

If you take U.S or Europe, each state is self-sufficient. If any of your state decided to declare independence from your country, will human right champions support rebellion in the name of human right violation or support your president and send army to crush rebellion? Which side you will play?

In India, we had separatist movements called Kalisthan in Punjab Then our late Prime Minister Mrs.Indhira Gandhi send army and crushed the rebellion. Even though sores of innocent civilian’s life were lost, she did the right thing. Rest is history. If we trace the root of Kalisthan it will lead to I S I and C I A. but it will be very difficult to prove beyond doubts.

Government of India had appointed three interlocutors on a fact-finding mission to find out an amicable solution for the Kashmieri people. We Indians are waiting for a favorable out come.

N.B Sedition charges were filed on Arundhati Roy for her anti-India statement. 02-11-10.
She should be prosecuted for not only sedition charge but also supporting separatist movement.
You all are likely to think that I had started off with Arudhati, went though terrorism, and blamed it on human right activities. Terrorism and human right activities? Here I am going to prove they are interconnected! In India and third world countries, we have distorted version of democracy because of the corruption. Here you will find human right organization supporting criminals in the name of human right violation. Later these criminals and extortionists became MLA, MP, or even chief ministers with money and political patronage. They use human right organization as shield for their ultimate goal of reaching M.P or chief minister. Human right activists had groomed some of them India.

Different part of the world human right activists had supported separatists like LTTE; HAMAS etc. human right activists never supported IRA or ETA why? IRA and ETA is not a terrorist organization. They are separatists using armed struggle for an independent state or country.

Human right organization is a western concept. It is a conspiracy use to ‘dived and rule’ third world countries. They can break-up (destabilize) third world countries by imposing sanctions but they cannot rule third world countries. They can only change regime, appoint puppet government and control, and manipulate with remote control.

U.S and Europe can only support human right activists as long as it is happening in third world countries. Your problem comes when any of U.S.A states decided to declare independence from your country. It should happen one day! It is not that I would love to see your county disintegrating but we would like to see how your president and human right activists handle such situation.
I have added few more paragraphs to this article here.

Arundhati Roy is likely to say that her speeches were misinterpreted if not it is her right for ‘freedom of speech’. When you speak in favor of separatists you become traitor. Whether you want to be a traitor or patriotic depends on who you are. All over the world you will find separatists they never united a nation. They only brought death and misery to their own people.

Aruthati Roy is a smart cookie. She knows our spineless movement will not take action against her. Due to public pressure they had filed FIR to eye wash public. You can be too big for your boot; does that give you right to support separatists (in Arundhati Roy’s case) and nexalites? (In Dr. Binayak sen’s case) In her reply letter she had furnished thirteen authentic reports (transcripts) .she then put the ball in government court...

Dr. Binyaks is the vice president of people’s union for civil liberties were sentenced for life on seduction charges after two and half years of trial. He was supporting nexalites movenmets. In the name of human right does people in your country supports extremist? Would you tolerate nexalism and Maoists in your democratic country? Will a communist country like china, Cuba or any other countries tolerate nexalism and Maoists like extremists? Their government will shoot them like stray dogs. Only in India we are tolerating their extremisms. Naturally Arundhati Roy has got to say something about Dr.Binayaks sen’s verdict. ‘Dangerous trend’! The crisis in Indian democracy does not get more dangerous than this’.

Amnesty international had demanded immediate release of Dr.Binayak sen. Sitting in New York office what the hell they know about Dr. Binyaks sen's activities? Verdict came after two and half years of court battle. Period. Verdict should act as deterrent for other right activist who supports extremists and separatists. For supporting nexalites he deserves imprisonment.

I will tell you the other side of the story. Jharkant like area is rich in mineral deposits iron ore etc.National and MNC wants to exploit /develop those areas. Apart from ecological problem tens and thousands of tribal and villagers would be displaced and their lively hood would be lost. As usual our government will not help them to resettle or give proper compensation. This situation was exploited by nexalism and Maoists. Killing central reserve police, kidnapping government officials, blowing up railway tracks and stations is not the way to ‘solve’ industrial developments.

Way back in 70’s we had nexalites problem in some part of Kerala state. They had chopped the head of few land lords and looted their property. Police could not contain them. After few year, police with the help of public eliminated nexalism once for all in kerala. Nexalites mostly operate costal and in the remote villages. It is not confined to Jharkant alone. From Andhra pradash to West Bangle and beyond they operates. These area call Red corridor in India.

I will never support separatist’s movements in my life time. I too wrote too many bad things about India / Indians. I am only finding fault with, what is wrong with them but I am still a patriotic person at heart. I am an imperfect man and I look for perfection in every thing. I can find fault with almost any thing!

Root of the problem is our congress government! Fifty five years of service to the nation they did not improve the quality of rural population. Development is only confined to the cities. When you foreigners come to India, travel around our country side (it is not safe for foreigner to travel interior areas) you will find out what an appalling conditions villagers are living. Sub-standard life! Not even with basic animities, unemployment, poverty, Malnutrition, honor killing, religion and cast divide …..

Ask any Hindu, he will tell you Hinduism is the most tolerant religion in the world. Bull shit. Here in India we our self discriminate other Hindus in the name of cast and creed. A foreigner can never feel the internal bickering. For them we present one big happy family picture. Unity in Diversity! What a Hippocratic country. What did I start with? Where am I leaving you…! Lol.

Because of corruption there are fundamental flaws in Indian democratic system.