Monday, April 4, 2011


ATHEIST GOD! 14-01-2011
This is not a final draft. It will take time for me to write final draft.

I will be educating theist, illiterate and literate about God, religion, cast, creed and superstitions. You might ask me, why I should take class for theist and literate about god, religion, cast …etc.

Good question. God means different thing to different people. Each one of atheist has different kind of explanation about god. In ‘Universal Love-The New Religion’ I had explained in simple words about god, religion, cast and few superstitions. Example for God. Air we can not see but we can feel it. Light we can not hear but can see it and so on …

in the practical class i will prove god it not omnipresent  or omnipotent but impotent.

We will not try to explain natural or supernatural phenomena. If possible we will ask scientific community to explain if not we will not challenge them. The propose of atheist God (I) is to help think beyond religion based god. Like Ram, Jesus, Mohammed Nabi...etc. once they come up to that level they themselves ask where is GOD?! That is what I had been asking ‘where in the hell is DOG? You know funny thing? Recently there was an argument that god is not male, god is also a female .I think he is like our Lord Shiva. Half male half female. Neutral gender. ‘He/she’ can neither satisfy a male nor female.

Common challenges thrown at Atheist by theist.
Theist... “Who created you”?
Atheist (I) “my parents, it was not my fault that I was born. They made mistakes by creating me”.
Theist ...” who created your parents”?
Atheist…”my Grand parents too committed same mistake”
Theist…” who created your grand parents… and this will go on and on….till they ask you who created man”?
Atheist…” Evolution theory is the answer. He will try to explain with his limited knowledge. Theist v/s Atheist debate will attract lot of attention. Soon others will join the debate. Whether the theist he is illiterate or literate he will never tries to understand ‘evolution theory’ because when it comes to god he does not want to think rationally. They will switch questions from god to universe and beyond. When an atheist can not explain scientifically god and phenomena theist will make sarcastic remarks and others (mute spectators) also will start belittling you, most of the time they try to humiliate you. So, it is almost impossible for atheists to defend his explanations about god, universe and beyond.

For an atheist there one last option is left. For that you have to agree with your enemy theist! That is to repay him with same coin! Then the fun begins.
Atheist “O.K, Good. God created man, pigs and the whole universe. Now you tell me who created God?”
Theist “Nobody create god! Only god creates and others procreate!! How can anybody create god? That is god!!!
Atheist “To create some thing you need material and creator. Now you are telling me without material and creator god was created!” You mean god was created out of thin air?
Theist... ‘God is everything and he needs nothing to make something’. That is God for you!” can you make some thing out of nothing?
Atheist ...” Yeah…, yeah. What sort of answer is that? When you have no answer you ‘blame’ God for creating everything!
Atheist... “Your God was created out of nothing? And he created everything out of nothing? Your god is very interesting subject. You know our scientists are yet to develop something out of nothing. Whey no education system had incorporated your god in school syllabus?
Theist “you need to study god only at your religious schools or places of worship.
Atheist “So, Nothingness called God” No history…. No biology… Nothing? Do you believe in nothing?
Theist... “Yes, nothing makes everything. That is called god. Infact he had created everything out of nothing including our universe!!
Atheist. Your common sense should tell you that you can not make something out of nothing, even it not scientifically possible to make something out of nothing. Now will yaa.. STOP your bull shitting to me? I ‘enjoyed’ your cock and bull story. Theist will get angry and will start abusing you. Beware some of the extremist like evangelists will turn violent.

My ex-enemy (she) says “God is nothing but association and disassociation of molecules!” our scientist had studied molecules at length and breadth. Now scientists are after black holes, god particle and Anti matters. I love those funny guys. They tell me new fascinating stories every time.

When nothing works with theists ask atheist to prove that there is no God. Even though he can not prove that God exists he will ask you more questions to prove that god does not exists! Theists are funny people. They refuse to believe or think rationally when it comes to god. Period. In the end they remain theist and we remain atheist.

My ‘tribes’ (aliens) will not believe in God. They trust and relay on science and technology because their life depends on it.

Neither god nor anybody will save you. This simple logic even illiterates and poor people know it. No work …. No God, No food.

Baggers will take money or food in the name of God. You ask them why your savior God never gives you money or food. He will not tell you this…. “What God? where is food or money”.

Some stupid theist will ask for explanation... like one woman was in coma for twenty years. One day ‘God ‘told her to walk and she walked and she walked and she walked and walked…My question is why God or Dog should discriminate their devotees? Out there billions of his devotees pray for him through out their life and there is no respite from their miseries or illness. Why? Can any one find answer for that?

Miracles do happen. Not every miracle can be explained by scientific community. That does not mean it is an act of god or out there is God.

You will find lots of youngster becoming atheist. When they face reality in life they became theist! They expect god to save them! You do not become an atheist by over night. Experience with life force you to think rationally. If your life is good you think you are blessed by god. People who live in miserable conditions also pray god hoping some other day their prayers will be answered and their miseries will end. That day will never come. Ask people who live below poverty line for generation after generation there life is living hell even though they too prayed through out their life. In India and third world countries there are bounded laborers working generation after generation. Their life has not yet improved nor will improve by prying god.

I (we) need people from all walk of life. Scientists (to work on my scientific ideas!)Engineers, doctors, creative people, painters, poets, writers, artistes, singers, (to sing International Atheist song and our “atheist unity song) actors to serve and educate theists.

We will produce clean entertainment (movies) no unwanted violence and sleazes. We do not create scenes for unwanted violence and sleaze for movie. We will bring family back to theater.

Do not convert to any other religion. By changing into other religion you will not become happy. Ask any one who had changed more than one religion to find happiness. Remember no religion is perfect except UNIVERSAL LOVE. The new religion.
In about two decade of time people in the west will convert into Islam and their population will double. The problem is not with Christianity but your democracy!

I know only one sentence from Bible. ‘Love thy neighbor!’ Following you god said words landed me in trouble! Once upon a time I ‘loved’ our neighbour, an Anglo- Indian married woman and it ended in disaster. My schizophrenic mother though we were having an affair! BROKEN HEART .Leaf of my life in my blog. I then promise to my self that never ever in my life time I will fall for married woman even if she is Aishwarya Rai. Married woman are very dangerous for body and mind. Recently psychologist had discovered that schizophrenia is not hereditary. What a great relief! Lol.

Do you religiously follow your religion? If so why there are so much drugs, sex and violence? Half a million population is behind the bars any given time! Your population is only 35,000000. (Thirty five cores) if you are all religious people why there is brake down in family values, ties and culture degradation? So the problem is not with Christianity but with your democracy! Where will you draw the line in democracy? People in the west are fed up with all sorts of ‘right activists’. I would say the reason for cultural degradation is the result of ‘too much democratic rights’. Too much freedom makes people irresponsible. That is the reason more and more people are converting into Islam.

It is time you all join my band wagon. Final draft of atheist god will take time to write. I will write guide line for UNIVERSAL LOVE. The New Religion.
We will have our own national anthem. Like you see family song in Hindi movie we also will have ‘unity song’. If you are lost out there, you will start singing our unity song and our ‘tribe’ will sing rest of the song for you and in the end we all will have Ball. Great ideas never come from genius. It comes from you and me. Only after the idea became great the inventor of the idea became genius. Sad, too little time and so much to accomplish.

What ever I learned is from my own life. I thank my life for giving me a chance to experience all kind of emotions and feelings. My life was a one big roller costar ride.
Not every body is lucky like me. The only feeling I can not describe in words. Feeling my own daughter in my hands for the first time.

I am not immortal; I am only a human being. What ever can happen to you can also happen to me. That does not mean it is God’s wrath. We all have shelf life and I am no exception.

Some other day you all will be reading Bhagavath Gita misinterpreted by Atheist Jivan. With Universal Love –the new religion I wants to change the life (fate) of ordinary people. In near future your children and ‘our’ children will change the fate of world!
Leo Tolstoy “every one thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing” I am evolving!

Most of us think as we grow old we became intellectual and wisdom will be drawn upon us. As long as the child within us refuse to die we will remain stupid. I still do not know the seriousness of life!

Kamsutra is for kids! Have you hear about Tantrik sex? I (we) will teach Tantrik sex (the ultimate sex technique) it is about ‘meeting and melting’ of body and soul. Feeling oneness. Your sexologist tells you it is similar to cautious interrupts but I would like to say it is more like playing violin intermittently. Play will go ON…. And ON…………And ON….. And ON….Lol.

I will write guideline and eligibility to become ‘universal citizen’. Universal love is only 40-A pages long. I need to write more subplots before I edit and polish. First of all
I have to learn what the heck is verb? Computer often reminds me of verb confusion. Computer does not know that I am the Jr. Confucius!

I can do my part of work. I do not have leadership quality or organizing skills. I will design (concept) for my own web site for Universal Love.

If you take our national news paper you will also find our spiritual guru’s preaching about god and spirituality. My long working hours 365x16! will not permit me to misinterpret each one of their articles. Here too many crooks are spoiling spirituality. Most of them are leading comfortable life. Using cock and bull stories to convincing fool the masses is amazing. Believe me none of their theories (stories) are reverent to your day today practical life. Then why should any body listen to their stories? In the name of God and spirituality Indian and non resident Indian wants to convert their ill-gotten wealth (black money) into white money. Nothing more nothing less. Period.

Sad, too little time and so much to accomplish.

You know what set me apart from you? The difference is not just the way our reproductive organs are designed in different ways. You are an optimistic and over confident person. Jivan is pessimist. While you only knows number of failures in your life, I only had few set backs in my life time. Being a pessimist I am prepared for any eventualities in life. How about you? I will always try to prove that my arguments are right. I am right but not your Mr. Right (yes man) .It is not that I know little bit of every thing, it is all about my opinion about certain issues.
Atheist God!