Monday, April 4, 2011


I was contemplating whether give undue importance to a conman. I also wanted to know how famous is Sawmi Nithyanadha Paramahamsar GAL in the west.
Let us try to understand his name. Swamy (God) who gave him God status? No one. He himself proclaimed that he is swamy! It is like I myself claiming .Jivan F.R.C.S ! (LoL).

NITHAYANADHAM = everyday happy. With fat bank balance and chicks at his disposal, he can be happy forever. PARAM = universal so, PARMAHAMSAR is some thing like master of universal scum.

There is only a thin line that divides between God man and a Con man. Until and unless his devotee gets cheated he remains God man. Their modes operandi remains same. All of them start with spiritualism or perform ‘miracle’ to public for self-promotion.

You all devotees are looking for peace of mind through spiritualism. Some of the God man/Con man preach about finding God within you! When there is no proof that God exists in the universe how can you find God within you? Think rationally. Do not be just another bum.

Most of these people are good orator. They know Hindu mythology, Ramayana and Mahabharatham by heart. If not they just read out from the book and interpret written words or sentences for you. It was written in Sanskrit .ordinary person cannot understand the meaning so what ever he says, you have to agree with him. This Ramayana and Mahabharatham were written more hundreds years ago. There is no proof of date available.

I found the whole situation comic. The funny thing is that the all the religious book allows us to interpret according to our whims and fancies (point of view).These con man read out a passage and he try to interpret with the present day scenario. As long as you hear his perching, you feel comfortable. It is only pacifying your mind for hours. When you go home, you will find realty staring on your face. Try solving your day-to-day problems or inflation, rescission and unemployment with Ramayana or Mahabharatham.
Some of our respected actress gradually fades away from our memories. Other wants to maintain their life style by trading with their flesh. Few years ago actress Ranjeetha was a popular actress. From her looks, I can say she is not bad for bad purpose. God man and conman usually amass ill-gotten wealth. Actress might have asked ‘Dog’ for money. However, dog had refused to part his bone with her. She could have set trap for him. She planned to defame him by offering her pound of flesh. Another conman bit the lust.

There is a difference between east and west. Here in India people make love in the name of God, religion, cast, spiritualism, love, friendship, sentimentalism also anything that can be sold to other person. Conman Nithyanadha preached nothing but the greatness of celibacy. It was like “Neither dog eats fodder nor it will allow cattle to eat it “.So his own disgruntled ‘servants’ might have set trap (spy cam) for him. Now his famous X videos are available on net.
Whatever I wrote about Swamy GaL was my opinion. Here is the latest news from INDIAN EXPRESS.07-03-10. A former imamate had taken X videos of Nithyanadha last year. Says swamy Gal forced the inmate into homosexual acts. Many quit the ashram. One inmate attempted suicide: a devotee died under suspicious circumstance. The former inmate who took X videos of him was threatened by Samy Gal. so I was right on dot by saying “Neither dog eats fodder nor it will allow cattle to eat it “. There will be tremendous Pressure to dismiss the case. Samy Gal will never be prosecuted.

Here is another Godman who turned out be a conman. Swamy PremadaGAL ! He is presently serving his devotees from behind the bars after he raped one of his devotees.

You people in the west gave undue importance to spiritualism. There are so many ways one can relax and enjoy life. Also, serve lesser mortals. Most of you made out a life, why then this quest for spiritualism? I tell you it is just another fad. By search for peace and finding elusive God within you, you are wasting your precious time and money. You all think Hinduism is all about cleansing mind and body. Then we all Hindu’s are supposed to be clean! Think again.

Now read it carefully. In Hinduism, some of the sadhus (saints) practice perverted acts like eating corpse and use ganja or drugs. Sadhus are supposed to be practicing celibacy. Most of them have female followers. Most of them are sex addicts. Nowhere in Hinduism says you eat corpse or take drugs. These drug-addicted sadhus are bringing bad name to our religion .Few of them believe that Aids can be cured by having sex with young virgin girl. So much ignorance here.

God believer scarify small children for acquiring wealth and to ward off evil spell. Even a God believer will set off evil sprit after you! (Witch craft/black magic) you many not believe it but it works! You will find people effect by voodoo all over India. It is not easy to treat such patent medically. I would say these saints or no one should practice perverted acts in the name of god and religion.
People in the west had drugs and sex in the name of Hare Rama Hare Krishna! Do what ever you want but do not ever do any thing in the name of God and religion. It hurts semimetals of majority theists. I feel sentimental only when I think of my little daughter otherwise sentimental is just other BA double LS to me.

In Hindu religion, a widow is a bad Oman. She became widow not by her fault or fate. Their own family treats them badly. In cities, some of them can get remarried but in village, widows are not lucky to find willing partner.

It is not just the fad among westerns even more and more Indians are reading spiritual books written by Indian spiritual gurus. By reading more books about spiritualism by different gurus, readers think they are worldly wise and others are less intelligent.

Do not trust me! Welcome to our Incredible India. To know more about Hinduism and our culture you need to stay (not with your Indian friends) interacts with local people and travel across Indian countryside. I welcome you to MAHA BHARATHAM. (Great India) it will help you to enrich your knowledge about Inidan and our countrymen.

Unlike westerner, we do not have common mentality. Our mentality is based on Religion, cast, creed and geography.

I can go on write like a mad man. Instead of hearing it from horse mouth, I personally feel that you had better experience India.