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For Budding Writers,

For Budding Writers,
Now it seems everybody wants to become a writer. So, most of them started writing fictions or novels. Some of them are accidental writers. In my case I was forced to write when my wife took my only daughter to her native place more than five years ago. I was devastated not because I missed my wife but because she left me with my only ‘Little Princess’ (daughter).

I was working as sales cum service Technician. I had to maintain target. Since I could not concentrate on work I gave up work and wrote my first life story ‘Life of Little Princess’. Later I went on to work nine other fictions and one book about new religion. Universal Love- the New Religion from atheist point of view.

I found it difficult to face the reality; I escaped into my fantasy world. As long as I wrote fictions I lost touch with reality. Writing fiction is the most interesting part and the most boring part of the writing fiction is proof reading and polishing. I write pretty fast. Eternal Love-sci-fi Love story is 350Kb or 52 A-4 Pages in M.S word. It took me only
Fifteen days including typing.

Once you start writing fiction you will find it easy to write fiction. I never felt writing fiction as a big deal. The real struggle starts after you finished writing your fiction. You have graduated from budding writer to struggling writer! Yes, you will find it difficult to get your fiction published. If your fiction is not rejected then you are likely to receive estimate for publishing your fiction starting from one thousand plus USD! You send your manuscript to another publisher; again you will get another estimate. As a budding writer you hope some other publisher will foot the bill for you (publish your fiction at their expense) which is very unlikely. Gradually you will realize, without money you can not become a write!!

Don’t lose your heart dear! Take my advice! If you want to become a writer even before you start writing your first fiction, start saving money. That will help you from Frustration and pent up feelings. In five year time I might have sent my manuscript to
More than three dozen publisher. Nine fictions and one book about new religion. Not every publisher had rejected infact most of them send me estimate as consolation prize! Whether you believe me or not. Some of the writers spent money to publish their fictions at least in the initial stage or till they became ‘established’ writer by print or E-media.

Let’s assume that you wrote your ‘magnum opuses. If publisher after publisher keep sending you not rejection letter but estimate for publishing fiction what would you do? Out of frustration do you send your manuscript through the shedder machine? Or you shell out money to publish your fiction? Be honest.

I think in olden day’s editor or publisher after reading your manuscript decides whether to publish you fiction at their expense or not. Today even with over half a century experience as editor or publisher these same people are not confident whether your fiction can be sold in the market or not! So naturally they want you to take ‘risk’ at your expense. If you think you wrote your best fiction or you are confident of selling your books in the market why not spent money to get it published at your risk? In my case I could not afford to spend one thousand plus USD other wise I too would have became an author now!

If you have money you are a writer! Out there on the net there are millions and millions of publishers are willing to publish your fictions provided that you are willing to spent money. Honey, it is all about money. Your creativity has nothing to do with writing. Have not you ever read ‘professionally’ written trash by paying fancy price?

I warn you, don’t ever give your book for critic review. Let the readers be your best critic, you will always get the honest remark for your work from readers. An experienced critic might have read enough professionally written books not necessarily the best selling book available in the market. They are likely to compare your book with professionally written books. They do not care about the story concept or the way your story was presented to the readers. If critic likes your book he / she will praise sky high. If not he will be on ‘fault finding mission’ with your book. Have not you read professionally written trash yet? The check out some of the most unstoppable, Awesome!! , rib tickling books. After you finished reading you may wonder who is going to tickle your funny bones! I would say it is all market gimmicks.

Let me conclude this article by saying “it is neither the editor nor the publisher who decide the fate of your book or you as writer. It is each one of the readers who spent money to buy your book decides whether you wrote trash or you are a writer. Let them decided, there is no critic like a reader.

N.B few of my fictions are on POD mode. Popularizing POD mode is very difficult.

Novels & Fictions For you...
ETERNAL LOVE. Sci- Fi Love Story (Mature). Copyright registered.

Short synopsis
Billionaire’s only son Ajay dies in a freak accident but his girl friend Maya survives. Twenty-five years later Ajay was brought back to life with futuristic technology in A.D.2030. Fate brings them together. His ex-girl friend Maya is happily married woman with grown-up son. Will they became lovers again? What happened to their only love child Sandhya?

Have you ever read wholesome entertainer? My fiction is full of life. It has family value, love, romances, sex, songs, fight scenes, plane crash landing, Robo surgeon and his assistant S-2-P and her antics. Reading my fictions is like watching movie. Today it is my vision; in near future my fiction will become a reality. Trust ME!
Happy reading,
Eternally yours,
Author of Eternal Love.

National Hero. Romantic/Action/Thriller.(Mature)
Ajay. Son of Industrialist emperor Mr.Vishawanath Prathap Singh had every thing money can buy still he could not marry his girl friend. Later in life when he came to know that his days are numbered, he embark on a’ Noble’ mission. He selects high profile target from across Indian states including LeT commander- in- chief in India. Will he succeed in his mission impossible? How he plans and executes each one of them forms the story. Actions take palace at Mumbai, Bangalore, Chambal valley, Patna and a terrorist camp in a remote valley of Kashmir.

THE New PRIME MINISTER. (Political Thriller)
This fiction is an imagination of my work .Any person living or dead is purely coincides. Story tells us about a young man who was brought-up with gandhiyan philosophy. Years later when he becomes the youngest Prime Minister of India, at times he finds gandhiyan philosophy does not work in favor of his country. How he tackles such complex problems in his own ways forms the story. Action takes places at Chennai, Delhi, Karachi, Terrorist camps in Pakistan and Kargil part 2!

This fiction is the imagination of my work religion or clash of civilization has nothing to do with my work. Name and places mentioned in this fiction is only to create surrealistic effect. Author-Jivan.
U.S governments redesign and deploys star war project to hunt down international terrorist organization like AL-Qaeda and Taliban. Mr. Mohammed, a moderate Islamist trying to defend his religion named after humanity and compassion. Action takes places in space, U.K, Munich, Iraq, Manila and a terrorist camp in Remote Island off the cost of Philippines. Read diabolic plans of Jihadist

LOVE ME TENDER! Lesbian Love story. (Mature)
“Love me Tender’ is not all about carnal pleasure. Story is about an innocent girl who falls in love with her roommate. Their love, romance, life style, intimate love and of course, there is an orgy scene in it. Three some act! She places her love above her family value .A girl who lost in touch with realities and her roots. Her life revolved around her girl friend.

Kathy I Miss You... (Erotic)
Friendship, love, dreams, fantasies, erotic. I recommend this fiction for late night reading. It is about a beautiful woman I met over the blog. She helped me to dream (write) for a better future.

ROOTS.( Family Fiction)
A middle class parent brought-up their only daughter with lots of love and affections only to find their dreams shattered at the end. Their only daughter chooses to live with her girl friend as a living partner! How her aged parents cope with their tragedy forms the rest of the story.
This life/story is dedicated to my daughter (Sony Gudiya). Story tells us about how globalization had changed an ordinary person’s family life forever. It is also about an aged father's struggle to give his only daughter good education and a secured life. After the court battle for his daughter's custody, will he ever live with his estranged wife?

BROKEN HEART. Horror / Thriller.
A young married couple from Delhi goes to hill station for honey moon at Kodai Kanal in Tamil Nadu. Near the suicide point at about 8.30 P.M. in the pouring rain young bride was gang raped and her husband was brutally beaten to death. Her husband alone ‘came back to life!’. Out of one ten million people in Chennai city he will to hunt down and kill each one of the perpetrator in gruesome manner. What makes this fiction unique? The special appearance, character and special power given to her husband make this fiction interesting.

UNIVERSAL LOVE. “ The New Religion” By Atheist Jivan.
A Thought provoking and controversial books about God & Religion v/s Science & Technology. God, Religion, cast, Superstition, Politics, Science, Philosophy, Myth v/s Reality, People and the whole world!. A must read for each and everyone. You have not read any thing like this before. This book will take you through the roller costar ride .My sincere effort is to enlighten you! This book was written from my life's experience with God and religion. With real life experience, I had explained and reasoned with rational thinking to overcome superstition. With the best of my knowledge, I had developed a new religion for global citizens.
1) Introduction.2) God & Religion. (Myth V/S Reality) God, Religion, Cast, Superstition.
3) Mythology.4) Godman & Conman! 5) Fate..? 6) Spirituality. 7) Horoscope & Astrology. 8) Vaastu-Sastra.9) God & Religion. 10) Religion & Politics. 11) Theist V/S Atheist. 12) Good Times & Bad Times.13) Western Democracy.14) )Democracy & Middle East. 15) Miscellaneous Items! 16) Universal love…. The New Religion! By Athiest-jivan.

It is an amalgamation of my selected articles. Part of my life and character is spread all over the pages.
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