Sunday, April 3, 2011


HOLLY WOOD & BOLLY WOOD Movies. 07-03-2007
In olden days movies ran on the strength of story alone. Times have changed now a day's movie can run on the hype alone! Producer and movie production companies are spending cores of rupees on hype and hysteria over nothing. Recent movies like KRISS, DON and DOOM-2 will prove my point of view. In KRISS hero cannot fly with out his long cot! Full of dramatic twists and turns. DON is other movie distorted its original story to give authenticity! DOOM-2 hero lifts precious diamond from the high security museum. Director could not convince audience how he was escaping from the scene .he ran out of idea…movie also tried some of the "MATRIX” scenes but failed miserably .in MATRIX one can sit and watch mind boggling VFX and CGI works.. Even after four years of MATRIX movie, we are nowhere around its SFX.

All above-mentioned Hindi movies did good business because it had generated enough hype. It also has star value, multi starer and carries the name of big production company. These big movie production companies spent about one third of money on publicity for the movie alone! These type of hype created movies always fall far bellow the expectation of movie buffs .the only saving grace is that their favorite hero /heroine is in that movie. Now it seems people goes to see movies mainly for glamour (their favorite actress in skimpy dress) and glitz if not for sleaze!. Most of the big budget movies had multi stars in Hindi movies .I feel this trend should change. Movies should run based on story value. There are good number of novels and fictions available in Indian market. Producer should discover such good stories for their movie. Decision on making movies should be made by the producer but not by the director.

It is not that only people in film industries write good story for movies .in fact it is other way around .the only difference between a film storywriter (concept writer) and a writer is that the later one knows the pulse of the audiences and they write story concept according to that. Even then, it had not always guaranteed success of movie or helped big budget movies.
A new wave of treat to the storywriter is director it self! Have you noticed it? An ordinary director became All-in-All! See the title. Story, script, songs, action, direction and at times producer! Most of the all in all directors movie if you watch, you will find how many stories (from different movies) they had borrowed or stolen (joined) to make one movie. Directors make such disastrous movie! A movie called ‘sivakasi’is one such movie made out of four other different movies! This is only one such example, a regular movie buffs can easily identify such movies.

I request producer to stop this trend .if you cannot create hype for such movies your money will go down the drain. If you make such movies with either copied or borrowed ideas, you will find the result in one-week time, after the release of movie.

Hindi movie producers are spending twenty to forty cores of rupees .why not get good stories then. I was told when a producer buy stories for his movie he make bargain. Like when we buy brinjol! When he can spend, cores on project including publicity glitz why not pay hand some money for the storywriter. Except film storywriter, not all other writers are rich. When a producer pays good amount of Mony to a writer for his story, at least one family is saved from poverty. It is time for producer and director to look for new story concept. Now there is lot of remakes as if there is shortage of good story .it is not true. The latest trend in Indian is to remake hit movie in different regional language with salable actors.

Like in Hollywood (through agents) producer can get any number of good materials. Here I find none of the Production Company takes stories from new or budding writers. Most of them having only web address but none of them having their contact (e-mail) address.
Writer. Jivan