Sunday, April 3, 2011



I do not know whether people in the west get to read our news paper or T.V news. On Nov 9th School van driver took car and convinced one young brother and his ten years old sister that their school van will not be coming on that day. He promised them to drop them at their school. Since children knew van driver they got into the car. On way he picked up his friend and took children to several isolated place like forest and mountain areas. After threaten them both guys repeatedly raped the young girl and later they tried to kill both of them first by pushing off the mountain cliff. Children started crying .they then
Tried to kill them by poisoning, children started vomiting. Fearing for their life children kept quite. Later they strangled both the children and disposed body at two different places.

Public mounted so much pressure on police and they were able to nab rapist and killers in short time. Given a chance the public would have beat killers to death. Police killed one of the rapists cum killer in ‘encounter’ and kept the other one alive. Since 2006 there are more than thirty encounters took place. Citizen for civil rights and democratic rights, an umbrella group of human rights activists demanded immediate stopping of ‘encounter’ killing.

Every body knew it was predetermined cold blooded rape cum murder of two innocent school going children. Now as per human right commission guide line crime branch CID will be investigating the circumstance that led to ‘encounter killing’. If the young children belong to the HOD of human right commission will he/she order CBCID investigation?

You know why government of India will not hang rapist and killers? Because India is a land of funny laws. Even if state government award capital punishment for rape cum murder, our supreme court in Delhi judged always find rape cum murder does not always comes under ‘rarest of rare ‘case! That means to get capital punishment one not only rape but also had to kill his victim in gruesome manner or dismember body parts. Now is not our laws are funny?

With more than one point two billion people in Indian why we Indians should reform rapists, serial killers (some of them are hired assassins!), terrorists, extortionists and drug lords at the cost of tax payer’s money? Is life of above mentioned criminals are more important than the life on innocent civilians? In rape cum murder of two school children we (pubic opinion) justify police action (encounter) period.

In my opinion western human right organization should not force Indian government to remove capital punishment. That is the only deterrent for us against terrorists and killers. Each country’s government should decide what is best in the interest of their citizens.

In the name of human rights violation, human rights organization should not meddle in other countries internal affairs. One way of arm twisting by human right organization of U.N is imposing sanctions on third world countries. You can not impose sanctions in Saudi Arabia, Iran, North Korea, china, Islamic nations, and few other South African countries. Their government knows what is best for their country and their citizens. People should abide by their land of law. Period.

In the name of human rights violation, organization is supporting gay and lesbians. It is O.K for your western culture. As per our culture gay and lesbian are perverted people. It is unethical. Spiritual Guru Ram Dev says…Anus is not meant for excitement or entertainment. I agree with his remark. I do not agree with any one, I only gave issue based support. If same sex wants to live together it is up to them. But legalizing same sex marriage should not be allowed. Every year you will find LGBT parade taking place in our metropolitan cities. By popularizing and glorifying LGBT through news and E-media is not acceptable for Indians. Legalizing gay and lesbian marriage is anathema for Hinduism. By supporting LGBT by human right organization sets bad example for young Indian generation.

‘Encounter usually takes place when a serial killer, rapist, extortionist or history sheeter of assorted crimes refuses to reform even after repeatedly serving jail sentence. Encounter is cold murder. In India criminals with more than ten murder case pending against them roam freely in our neighborhood with political patronage and money.

I am not going to write about ‘encounter’ here. It is elaborated staged dramas, most of the Indians are aware of it. Police will not shoot law abiding citizens like you and me. If the marked man (few of them are hired assassin!) does not want to reform even after serving sentence in jail for years one bullet can stop his future plans encounter is the only option available to him.