Monday, April 4, 2011


Racism 31-05-2010
No one knows the origin of racism. In olden days, it was known as discrimination or apartheid.


We all know India is a vast county. In the beginning, it was ruled by king from different cast. They could not get along with each others. Most of them restored to eye for an eye policy. Mughal had seen opportunity among warring faction. They ‘devoured’ smaller one and ruled India for a very long period. Few mughal emperors had done good things to India. Other was forcibly converted Hindus to Islam. While few others plundered our precious stones and appropriate our beautiful princess, Rest of them went on to demolish our places of worship. This antagonized majority Hindu. Later British army defeated mughal emperors and won our heart and body. Enemy’s enemy is always our best friend. We scarified our young guns for them. Britishers found Indians very loyal and sycophants. They ruled India for about two hundreds years.

We Indians were found of ‘Madam’ (in those days British woman were called madam) even now you could find the hang over. They looked very sexy in their Victorian dress. Well groomed and looks like buxom beauties. Later when recession hit Indian shore, length of madam’s skirts shirked dramatically. Whenever wind blows, their skirt goes up in the sky. Our ancestors had ‘dharshan’. They say it was a great sight to cherish. We bachelors worship Yoni. It is a rare commodity in India.
‘Gentlemen’ (British men) shared their fun with our great grand Nana. Everything was in harmony with nature. Until one day, a young man called Mohan Das Karam Chand Gandhi jumped the gun in non-violent manner. All hell broke loose. Strange bedfellows became enemies. British army brought their cannon and balls .And blew our balls. Nevertheless, we did not surrender to them. We had millions and millions of balls .British army got fed up and ‘quit India’. In the middle of night, we ourself declared independence. The only beneficiary was Jawhar Lal Nehru. He had appropriated Edwina. Gandhiji was content with his ‘shishyas’ (disciplines). As they say, rest is history.

We Indians still remember their slogan ‘Dogs and Indians are not allowed’. Now there are more Indians in Briton than dogs. You see, rewriting Indian history is not a big deal for me. But writing about India’s fate is not in my hand.
In no other county, you feel discriminated by our own people. If it is happing, it is happing in India. We Indians are discriminated by ourselves based on North, south, Religion, cast, and linguistic base. I think north v/s south problem persist is all over the world. People in the north think they are superior and intelligent than people from south. However, if you look at history it is always people from down south put their mark in history and world map. We Indians are discriminated everywhere. Not all the people belong to Hindu religion can enter or worship from inside our temple! People from lower cast pray from out side the temple!

It is a myth that I am an Indian first. Each one of us proudly announces. I am a keralites, Tamilan or Bengali. Not every foreigner knows the name of our states. If they ask you….”Are you an Indian”? At last, he admits, “yeah, I am a Tamilan from India”. In our lodge register, guests need to enter Nationality... very few of them mention it .Nationality….Indian. Most of them write their sate name...Tamil nadu (Tamilan), Bihari … some of them are proud of their religion or cast...Muslim …Nair or Reddy… funny people. What a Big F Hippocratic country I am living in. our government (Tourist Dept) says ‘incredible India’! No wonder you can never described India in words or sentences.

Even our own neighboring state people are viewed with suspicion. One can experience this difference at work place. Each one of them (people from other states) considers that they are superior to their fellow citizens. Blame it on our fragile ego. While waiting for central railway station for ticket, we usually hear Common comments, usually made by youngsters like…. If the person is from neighboring state; A.P state. The guy says... “Ma-Chaan! Avan Gol-tti Da! . Sardaji is likely to say “Woe Sa-La Madarasi Hai! It is their way of belittling fellow citizens. One can understand the discrimination here. How the other person would have felt it? The egomaniac is least bothered how the other person felt it. In public, place not every body like to respond to physically. People grudgingly tolerate indecent behavior. Most of them conveniently ignore such comments. This public display of patriotism on T.V and Indian movies are farce. Even one of us in our subconscious mind is constantly weighing the ‘other’ person and trying to out smart ‘out sides’ ( not foreigner , people from other states of India).we ourselves are discriminating between us …North Indians, south Indians, Tamilan, Keralites, Bengalese, Hindus, Muslims, Christens.. By discriminating, we are hurting our fellow citizens but we never felt sorry for our acts. This same discrimination when we experience it on a foreign soil we call it racial discrimination or brand the other guy as racist. When you are abroad and when you experience discrimination why are you screaming …”RACIST “?

“Man, now you had it in a foreign country. Not much option is left for you. Just like your fellow citizen grudging tolerate their indecent behavior. You just grind your teeth, tighten your bums and keep moving …. Our father of nation had taught us to deal every situation in a non-violent ways...keep moving your ass… that can save your skin.

Even though I had never experienced racism, I hate racists. When we Indians read about racist attacks on Indians, we feel we Indians are treated like a second-class citizens in some part of the world. It was true our great grand fathers were kick out of every possible country. But we the young generation are stomping your bastion. Your White House, NASA, Google, Microsoft, Silicon Valley, Holly Wood, NYSE and Wall Street…just to name few. That is our gandhiyan way of repaying with same coin. It is also our way of paying tribute to our great grand pa.
Most of the racists are youngsters. They are all narrow minded people .the root cause of racism is xenophobia .The other reason is unemployment. When we Indian’s go aboard for higher studies or job, we work part time job to make extra money at half the rate of native people. That means lesser job opportunities for their native people. It is like hitting on their stomach. With extra money in our pocket, very Indians like to flaunt their branded clothes, accessories and gizmos. Lucky bastards are those who stole your girl friend or your wife. All this fuel his hatred and he want to teach lesson on a hapless Indian. Most of the racist attack victims are innocent people. He had nothing to do with your girl or boy friend. It was just an unfortunate incident. But the scares left in their heart run deep. Victims can feel nothing but hatreds towards a particular race of community. Especially if racial discrimination taking place at work, and the problem persist one will naturally lose cool. When a foreigner treats coworker as less than a human being, it can cause mental agony for the victim, which in turn also affects his mind and work.

Racists.  forget about their culture. they do not have self respect. they stoop too low to abuse you. Don't try to repay them with same coin by loosing your own self respect. racists are sick people . you better keep off.

An appeal to Racist.
Our history had proved it repeatedly that it is not that race that makes any one superior but the way we use our brain and our ‘karma’ (accomplishment) makes all the differences. Ie. Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, C.V.Raman….so, please treat the other person as a fellow human being. We are all global citizens.
N.B: Be an alien like me. We have no God, Religion or politics. Our life is dedicated to serve humanity. We treat our fellow county men on equal footing. No one is superior. The differacne between each of us is that the way we use our brain and our achievements.

Here on earth we aliens are castrated. Come to our Pandora or see our movie AVATAR