Monday, April 4, 2011

Religion & politics

Religion & politics

When a child was born, he has no God or religion in his blood. His parents teach him about god and region. There is noting wrong with it. Even though I had never read any of the holly books, I believe no religion is perching hatred against humanity. All religion perches about love and compassion. Problem starts when the preacher misinterprets our holly books. These are the people responsible for inciting communal disturbance. These preachers are injecting religious poison in the young mind. His devotees (followers) develop hatreds against particular religion. Such preachers are bringing bad name for their religion. Their own community people should isolate them.

Whenever terrorist explode bomb it is always innocent people fall pray for it. In split second time, their life had altered once for forever. Do preachers or the terrorist realize this simple truth? Followers of such preacher later in their life became religious extremist or even terrorist.

Terrorists are the by-products of a sick society. They are like cancer, it not treated properly it will soon spread the entire community. Taliban is one such society. Different part of the world we see different problem. However, Muslim extremist has one ready Made answer for all .jihad (fighting for freedom) not all their problems are about freedom. I call it as clash of civilization. For them any thing (foreign) other then their own religion is anathema to their religion. Like freedom and democratic value. Clash of ideology and civilization is the root of their problem. We now know certain community is branded as terrorist. Why are they suspected, just because few fundamentalist and terrorists are trying to control their religion? Is not it the morel responsibility of intellectuals and moderate people from their community to bring back-misguided youngsters to the main stream?

It is also the morel responsibility of their country to see that their places of worship are not used against any community. In India, we have our own problem. Hindu extremist in Gujarat and Maharashtra, Muslim fundamentalist and extremists are all over India. In addition you will find Christian extremist in Goa. Across the world, you will find in every religion there are moderate and extremist people. I had only mentioned three religions as an example.

With time world is surging ahead, no one can live the life as per our holly book most of our holly books were written more than two thousands year ago for moral guiding. Are we all practicing what was written in our holly book? Is it practical to live as life per our holly book? We can take only moral values from those books. When world is changing with times we need to discard some of the rigid and impractical rules. Most of the old values are irrelevant and impractical for the present days. If you think you can live by the way holly book was written then you are not living in a concert jungle of twenty first century .you must be living either in Tora Bora or in Timbuktu. Have not we all changed according to the time we live in? If there are any ideological confrontation is taking place in any of the religion it is because they refuse to live with changing times. Nobody in this world can stop man's quest to find the hidden mysteries of our universe .The more he knows about the world the less he became religious and superstitious. That is the first sign of man's awaking. I would say at least we have to modify ourselves to suit, to live like a civilized man. When world is moving with time; I am not asking you to run in front of 'time '. Americans are running ahead of time in the race followed by Europeans .you have to make sure you are not running at the back of the race, where you will find tribal and terrible (Taliban like) people running. Choose a middle path .in an American way of life you will not find roots (traditional family values and culture) Check your (U.S) own culture now and fifty years ago .As a moderate person you need roots to grow. When your roots are grounded in reality, you will maintain family value and culture.