Friday, April 1, 2011

Sir Stephen Hawking.

Sir Stephen Hawking.

Stephen Hawking had scientifically explained that God did not create the universe in his new book ‘The Grand Design’. Is not it more than sufficient for theist to believe that our universe was not created by God?

As an atheist, we use our rational thinking to conclude that neither God had created our universe nor he exists. Here is my explanation. If God cannot be traced out with our most sophisticated equipments then he just does not exist then how comes he had create our universe? I wanted to ask Mr.Howking whether he dispute theory of evolutions. If Hawking had proved scientifically that God did not exist then he sure must believe in theory of evolution.

What do you theist have to say about Mr.Howking’s new theory? You skeptic (theists) are going to dismiss it as another hoax. I was expecting Vatican to dismiss Mr.Hawking new findings so far no response from your pope.

Religion and scientific evidence never goes hand in hand. “The purpose of religion is to keep people ignorant, there by keeping religion alive”. Jivan.

Are Aliens good or bad? According to Mr. Hawking, human race should avoid contact with alien at all the cost, as the consequence could be devastating. Most of us are fans of aliens. You know my dream is to meet aliens. I feel we should meet them. Their superior technology can be use to save our planet from man made disasters like climate change and natural calamity. However, what happens when aliens decide to keep us as slaves? It is a scary thought, I better not to think about it.

I consider Stephen Hawking is the only genius scientist we have. Long live Hawking!