Sunday, July 17, 2011

You ...& ...Me.

You ...& ...Me.

U&Me . (Between you and me)

Hi, friends.
How are you doing? How is life up there? I hardly get a chance to talk to you all. Other than my routine work nothing happing in my life. I would like to share some of my thoughts with you all.

I think I got maximum number of estimate for publishing my fiction. I now know if I do not spent money to publish my fiction my fiction will gather dust so I started saving peanuts. In couple of month’s time I will publish my short novel ETERNAL LOVE. Sci-fi love story (mature). NOT suitable for KIDS below 18 years of age.

Life was boring so I thought since I am not going to write my biography why not my future readers know something about me and my life. I happen to write few articles about my life on my blog. Copy, paste, edit, proof read and polish. It was that simple. Yes, my life/story LIFE OF LITTLE PRINCES (semi-fiction) was only 17-A pages in M.S word. Now it is 33-A-4 Pages long. We all have history (past) and no history is same. I promise my semi-fiction ‘life of little princess’ will not be a boring one.

I checked for local publisher though internet and found one Chennai based author cum publisher. He is also doing translation work. I made appoiment with him and personally met him at his resident along with the print of ‘life of little princess’. I told him no publisher is willing to publish fiction without paying their ‘asking’ (estimate) money. He said he will read my fiction before saying anything.

We had good discussion. After reading short synopsis of all my fiction at the end ‘little princess’ he said he liked some of my story concept. He wanted to know how I was able to write different genre fiction. I told him that I first think of story concept. It could be a simple word or even an image which I had seen in my mind. BROKEN HEART. (Horror) I gave life and special characters and later I develop subplots.

The write is a senior citizen. He wrote few novels and ‘got ‘it published. He agreed with me by saying that most of the publisher ask for money to publish fiction. If out there any budding writers are reading my articles please note. Save money before you even think of writing fiction. He showed me one big book. It had more than 700 pages. Package, formatting and cover page looks good. He himself edited and proof read. Book was
Professionally written and presented. He had spent Rs.100000’/-one USD = Rs 47-/- for 500 books. I asked for short synopsis of his book. He said if partition was not taken place in India, what would have happened? His imagination ran berserk No wonder he could only one hundred books. Ress of the books are gathering dust on his loft. He proudly told me that had send one copy to one our ex –prime minister who gave him great review for his wild imagination.

If you foreigner you can not imagine what would have happened if partition had not taken place in India. As per his imagination Late Mohammed Jinha will take care of present Pakistan. (I would like to add including our Jammu-Kashmir) and our late JawaharLal Nehru will rule India. In such scenario what would have happened? Let me run my imagination. It is no jock. In Pakistan they them self can not get along. Shias and Sunnis, pathans, tribes and terrible people like Taliban and Al-Quada. Ethnic and sectarian violence. Free for all. These people built religious school all over India and convert Hindus and Christians into Muslims. They will also convert all the religious fanatics into jihadists and send suicide bombers to Europe and U.S to wage holly war. (9/11, 7/7) in return U.S, Europe or NATO countries will fight ‘some one’s ‘dirty war in India. India will be branded as terrorist country. Even with available proof in international terrorism either U.S or European countries are yet to declare Pakistan as state sponsoring terrorist country. Thank DOG! I never wrote such comic book. I can only sympathize with him for having lost money by publishing such comic book.

After two week I asked him about his opinion about ‘life of little princess’. He said my characterization in my book is not good! After adding subplots to my main fiction now ‘little princess’ is 33 A-4 pages long. With subplots my life starts at seven to till I turned fifty. My little princess (daughter’s) life starts from the time she was born till she gets married and gave birth to a baby girl. (My daughter is only eight years old now). My day to day life with my wife was written in detail and he says characterization in my book was not good! No problem he looked for professional touch in my life/story (semi-fiction) and I told semi-realistic fiction. Original fiction starts with my bachelor life. It had only 17-A-4 pages long. Only forty percent of the fiction is real and six percent fiction. After developing with subplots now it is sixty percent real and forty cent fiction.

Publishing my fiction in print mode is too expensive for me. So I decided to publish my
Short novel ETERNAL LOVE in E-Book mode. I searched for some one who can convert (format) my fiction into E-book through internet. In India only few people are doing it. All of them are doing it for publishers only. They will not do just one book alone.

At last one of the publishers was willing to do my fiction in E-Book. He asked me to sent full manuscript. They then send me their condition. They want selling right of my fiction for movie. My left foot! My right foot is reserved for my wife. The day I make enough money I will call my wife and give her one time settlement (no alimony) and kick her ass for taking away my only “Little Princess’. Having lost everything in life kicking her ass should give me happiness and satisfaction.

I wrote ETRNAL LOVE in filmy style. It is easy to read and visualize scenes. If you read eternal love you will know it is movie stuff. I have international copyright with me. How can he sell my creation for movie production? I shot back my conditions. I have copy right with me I only got the right to sell it for movie .you are allowed to publish it. That was the end of the chapter. SUCKER IN THE NAME OF PUBLISHER.

It is not just money alone. Having worked as sales cum service technician I had always given value added service to my entire customer. I want to work as creative director for movie version of eternal love for free. Movie version of eternal love is for global audience. As a writer I do visualize scenes frame by frame. It will give ample scope for me to show case talent as creative director. Like running title, designing operation theater, from the time of Ajay’s death to till he was brought back to life in A.D 2030, Spectacular plane crash, and video game of Alien V/S Predator scenes. Basically it is designing set, assisting director, SFX, Animatronics and CGI artists. Why should I give up my life time opportunity by allowing to sell my fiction by publisher?

I then put my problem in Linkedin forum to publish or formatting of my fiction. Most of the foreign book publishers are offering Free E-book publishing if you publish your fiction in print mode. I could not afford to spend so much money for my fiction. E-book is the most economical way of publishing your fiction. You can see the ‘response’ before you think of publishing your fiction in print mode. One of the foreigners offered me his service but sending money abroad with out credit card is very difficult in India that is the reason I had to decline his offer. Then one guy from India offered to convert my fiction for e-book. I checked his web site. In his profile photo he looks like civilized man with impressive resume. He asked me to send full manuscript. I wrote my requirements. I only want my fiction to format it for AMAZON kindle. In fact Amazon had given free tools to format fictions. I found it difficult to format. Besides I do not want to format it in E-book by trial and error method. If not formatted properly then readers will not be able to read it. Besides I do not want them to loose money. So I had sent all necessary Amazon links to him. He used to be around the clock on net. I had send chat message and emails to him asking to send estimate for formatting my fiction. So that I can send demand draft on his company’s address. Now he is no more responding to me. He even turned off gmail indicator into invisible mode. People acts funny here. He is yet to send estimate or respond to me. On net you never know who is a sucker or cheat.

I always think why it is always happing to me? I am not a bad man. I am a very privet person. I do not meddle in others affair. Why me? Do I look like a fool? Take a closer look at my profile photo.