Thursday, September 1, 2011

Who is He?

Who is Jivan? 22-03-2010

Woman…. G-O-A-T-C-H-A! When she was about to kiss me, I leap out like a frog!

Girl……… Wolf in sheepskin.

Computer Engineer…….. His hard dick is good but there is virus problem.

Technician……….. System too much vibration/ malfunctioning. He then checks with his

Service manual and find possible causes. Loose nuts, blots and Connections.

Remedy. Tightens the nuts or rectify the defects or replace defective parts!.

Psychiatric specialist…. After going through my gather blog. “He is on either extreme.

He is suffering from sever depression to maniac depression. He is highly qualified schizophrenics patient”. He then down Load my blog into a chip and placed inside a cover ” Highly classified document” and sealed it and put it on his attic for future Robos to analyze my mind.

Meteorological Dept….He is an interesting character. Just like our Indian climate. While

Out side, he is cold and detached, other ‘one part ‘of his body is too Hot to handle.

Jivan…………………..Who is Jivan?

“Incredible Jivan!

Hi, Baby. This is my autograph why don’t you write some thing about me?

N.B I wish I were never born on this planet. I wish I was born on Pandora where friend ship and relationships are not based on money.