Sunday, October 9, 2011

Diwali Celebration

Diwali Celebration.

The other day I received E-mail from ‘Brand Portion’. Last time I had send concept for selling perfume ‘Scent of a woman’. This time they want ‘concept’ for ‘celebrating Diwali festival with light and without sound’. I do not like the idea. More than noise pollution one should be concerned about air pollution. Instead of writing concept for ‘celebrating Diwali festival with light and without sound’ here I am appealing to all those who celebrated Diwali festival.
1) Crackers should be used only as symbolic. Bust or Light up crackers only in minimum numbers. Highly air and noise polluting ‘Runners’ crackers with more than 10,000 busting continually for nonstop should be avoided. Domestic animals and infants are traumatized with air and noise pollution.

Diwali festivals start more than one week before the Diwali day. It is the only major festival celebrated all over India. We Indians burst crackers worth more than one billion rupees. Most of them want to ‘show of strength’ by busting more crackers or by burning more money.

2) Parents should tell children more about value of money. They also tell them about the joy of sharing and caring with less fortunate children like poor and orphans. When you take your child to an orphanage to share gift with them your child is able to ‘see’ other side of the life. It could be a life altering experience for them. It will set them to think about those less fortunate children. They will understand ‘new’ meaning for love and affection. They will value your love and affection more than ever when they realize the plight of orphans. Even though your child is very young he/she will understand now difficult I would be without parents. They will understand the importance of family value.

Buying new cloths for Diwali is a must. We must donate old /new cloths to orphanage in our area. Giving gift / toys and donating money is also part of the Diwali celebration. When donating money to orphanage make sure you receive receipt for your money that makes your money accountable.

In India child labor is punishable as per the law. I do not know whether children are still working in cracker making ‘factory ‘(cottage industries) someone need to check and find out. If children are employed as labor in cracker manufacturing factories the Government should put the employer behind the bars and children should be sent to school under right to education scheme.

Children working cracker factories (in and around SivaKasi in Tamil Nadu and other places) are from poor families. Usually their parents borrow money for high interest rate
From cracker unit and sent their children to work for long hours with out safety or well ventilated space and without insurance coverage. Aluminum powder and gun powder when gets into the lungs of these children it will have long term effect on their health.

Most of the time these poor children’s parents can not repay their debt. They only end up paying interest. Their children became bonded labor for life. To stop this kind of heinous crime government should act without mercy against cracker manufacturing units using children as bonded labor.

Buy fewer crackers which produce colors and not one with deafening noise. Your children may not be happy tell them every cracker will end up money in smoke. Instead of spending few thousands of rupees for crackers treat them with good food, gift, and cloths or take them to amusement park. Let’s celebrate and make this year Diwali memorable without fire and smoke.

N.B instead of polluting air with smoke and noise I would suggest that we celebrate Diwali decorating plants and trees with low cost chines serial lamps as a mark of respect to our ‘green’ planet.