Tuesday, October 11, 2011




Shatayu: True Giving
“You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself when you truly give.” – Khalil Gibran

In India awareness about organs donation are minimum. To light up some unknown people’s life is not important for an ordinary people. We Indians usually donate organs only to our blood relatives to save their life.

Even when some one in our family dies we never think of donating organs to the unknown patient. We bury or burn body as per our ritual without harvesting vital organs. One can understand the sentimental and emotional attachment to the departed soul.

Once it is conformed his/her soul had left for heavenly adobe he / she is never gonna come back. There is only one way to keep him/her ‘alive’. That is possible if only we donate his/her organs for less fortune patient waiting for organ transplantation. Think of them, their families and their children’s plight. Will someone (usually unknown person)
Donate vital organ to save their beloved one or should they resigned to their fate?

It is not fate. It is our ignorance and sentimental values are preventing us from saving some one’s precious life. In most case vital organs needs to be harvested and preserved with in one to two hours of death. For that people should be made aware of greatness of organ donations.

In the end it is not the money you receive gave you happiness. It is the thought that you were able to save some one’s precious life.

Here are few of my suggestions

1) In all the government, major hospital and clinic should have bill board explaining the importance of donating organs.

2) Major specialty hospitals should be connected through national net work. Status and update of availability of organs at finger tips.

3) In India success rate of donor organs entirely depends of educating the mass also misconception through the print and E-media (T.V and Net)

4) When more and more people are aware of organ donation the will come forward to save some one’s life. It will also stop black marketing of vital organs.

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N.B every where you see voting system. We all know about vote rigging. A voter is an ordinary person is like me jack of all trade and master of none. What for panel of judges if number of votes are more important than judges from respective field? Judges better lick lollypops.

I never though of writing this article for ‘light up life’, When I went through it I understood the importance of organ donation. I thought if any of my points help their purpose then I feel I am honored.

My RAM is too good. Lol. It is not what you think. It is my Random Access Memory. Once I decided to write article all I need is to down load it from my head on a bit of paper and my article is ready!