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LOVE me TENDERLY & Kathy I Miss you....

LOVE me TENDERLY & Kathy I Miss you....

Dear Readers,

Here is my Fiction “Love me tenderly” lesbian love story & Kathy I Love you... (Erotic). Original story of ‘Love me tenderly’ belongs to my other fiction ‘Roots’ (family story). After writing Roots from parent’s point of view I thought who will tell the story of Anu. Naturally it is me Jivan. I had to vertically split ‘Roots ‘into two fictions. Roots and Love me tenderly’.

“Love me Tender’ is not all about carnal pleasure. It is about a girl who fells in love with her roommate. Their love life, romance, life style, intimate love and of course, there is an orgy scene in it. Three some act!

Like in “Love is Eternal” sci-fi love story (mature), I wrote lovemaking scenes in graphic details. You might ask me why I wrote sex in graphic details. Simple logic. Sex sells. Besides “Love me tenderly” is all about lesbian love story. I suppose maybe you wanted to know how they enjoyed their sex life. I still wonder, am I the first male to write lesbian love story?

Remember when ever you see sex in movies those scenes are either written by a writer if not those scenes are the imagination of the director. Some times we may not like it but imagine when your favorite actor or actresses are performing love making scenes we enjoy those scenes. Why? One such example is Sharon stone in “Basic Instinct”. How can we ever forget her?

While writing ‘Love Me Tenderly’ I had not done research. I mean watching lesbian x videos. Fiction is the work of my imagination. After all we men know, what do they “do” it! Hi…Hi….Hi… out of curiosity recently I had checked on Hilton & Britney videos and I found my imagination was right. For “Love me tenderly” I had invented a special Dildo! Its appearance and functions are documented in minute details .May be after getting patent registration I will introduce it in market. Two of you can play with it. Hi…hi…hi…..

In ‘love me tenderly’ I am a female! Lol. I had to feel and behave like a woman!! There is a special prize for guessing my fictional character name. It is a date with me! If you thought ‘love me tenderly’ is all about carnal pleasure it is also about love, romance, life style, sex, betrayal, sharing and caring, their pain and gain. There is also three some act!

N.B: Little Secrete! While writing lovemaking scenes, you need to imagine someone you love. I though about my friend (girl) but she is not my girl friend! To be frank with you I have never been in love with any girl. There are two genuine reasons. I am yet to find my kind of girl. Second thing, fear of rejection. I suppose if she says “sorry Mr. Jivan, you have mistaken me”! In that case, I think I go home; hit the sack and will start crying! I love animals, they give unconditional love.

Happy reading,

With love,


Kathy I miss you...... (Erotic)

This is the only short story I ever wrote. It is only three and half A-4 pages. I wrote this fiction in one breath! Publishing this short fiction separately does not make sense to me. So I had clubbed it with Love me tenderly. This story was inspired by my blog female friend. It is my sexual fantasy about her. Fiction will appear like a dream sequences.

Whether we are separated by a wall or 23,897 K.m (Chennai to New York) apart or you wear bikini or blanket. It does not make any difference to me. A writer should be able to make love on his mind! That should be the power of imagination.

Take it from me. If you are a man and if you had not prostituted any one on your mind in your life time then you are not a real man. We real men are driven by Testosterone .

When I make enough money I will present ‘Kathy I miss you...’ in DVD movie. Shooting love making scenes are challenging. I think there will be bit of confusion. Whether to concrete on Action/intensity or sensuality. Shooting love making scenes without vulgarity is a challenge. If you can combine intensity and sensuality then you have a great love making scene.

You know the name of my other blog? Universal Love – Dreams unlimited.

My dreams are very dear to me. They keep me alive!



“LOVE me TENDERLY” Lesbian Love Story (Mature)

Short synopsis
“Love me tenderly” is not all about carnal pleasure. Story is about an innocent
girl who falls in love with her roommate. She places her love above her family
value .A girl who lost in touch with realities and her roots. Her life revolved
around her girl friend. It has love, romance, life style, and of course there is also three some act!

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31st December evening we received call form monisha that she is on her way to California airport. Nisha could not sit ideal .she became hyper active. Pinching my bottom .at times teasing and kissing me without any apparent reason. She is thinking of Monisha and kidding with me. I thought. Well I will meet her in person and find out things. Nisha had created too much hype about her .I wanted to know whether monisha live up to my expectation .she finished herdressing and asked me to hurry up .we went to air ports early and waited for her arrival.

Suddenly Nisha waved at her.”Wow!”She waved back. She is real woman! I Thought I was
looking at Sharon stone! Her style and glamour matched those Hollywood stars .she was in her business suit .A knee length skirt and a coat over it .as she approached us I noticed her top shirt buttons were open .she wore a platinum chain with heart shaped pendent with small diamonds studded on it. Her perfume was intoxicating me .the smell had a magnetism .you feel like smelling her. Costlier then poison .may be Yes Saint Lauran’s. Even in her business suit I noticed her hourglass like figure .she could have been an actress or a model. With her broad swaying hips she created motion of sensuality .may be these things are vital for survival in show
business. Nisha spread her arms at her. Monisha came and hugged her .she kissed on Nisha’s lips! She looked at me and said “Hi; Anu. “ She stretched her arms for me. Like a dump stuck fool I fell on her arms but I was bit scared of her public display of affections! Thank God! She did not scare me instead she hugged me gently. I felt very happy .she was a warm person.

We got into taxi. Nisha took her straight to my house. Monisha opened up her traveler luggage. She took out one of her creation and held out to me .it was a fabulous knee length dress with floralprint out on it. I kissed on her cheeks and thanked her. She asked Nisha to make her choice. She checked three dresses over her dress and found one suitable dress for her. Nisha kissed on her lip and said in husky voice.
Nisha.”Honey you know how much I missed you…”she and her wows…
Monisha….” Come on girls! change your dress and join for party. .”
I took my dress and went to my bedroom to change. Nisha may need some space. I could hear their small talks…
Monisha….” Honey I will dress you up. “
Nisha…” As you please honey…”then there were total silence. May be there are kissing ….
Nisha….” Mony! …let me help you…”
I thought I should not disturb them. …I walked around my bed room time was ticking away.
I…”Can I come in.? “
Nisha…” Sure. Honey. Come over.” .I opened my bed room door. Monisha was adjusting
Nisha‘s dress.
Monisha…” Look Nisha. My dress looks fantastic on Anu.” she complemented me. They were watching me I walked towards them.
Monisha…”You sway you broad hip while walking. You have rhythm in your movements “.
She thinking I am some model .I work for R&D dept! I went to monisha and give a peck on her cheek.
“Thank you for your complements.Monisha”.she went back to her large suit case. Nisha pulled me up against her.” you looks sexy, she pinched on my bottom .I really felt pain .that was herway of complimenting me.

Monisha took one big champagne bottle from her suitcase .it had a French name on It.’ Château’.
I asked Nisha what to order for dinner. Monisha took cell from me .we both we not aware of Monisha’s favorite food. It was Nissha’s idea that we order her choice of food .she is a sensible woman. One needs not endup eating some one’s favorite food. Monisha called up Hilton hotel and ordered food to my house. She opened one big Swiss liquor chocolate box and held out to me. I took one. It had bitter taste but I liked it. Monisha poured their champagne drinks for us.They both sat either side of me on the sofa. One took one more chocolate .we all raised our drinks.and said in unison.”Cheers!”We started sipping our drinks. After the first round Monisha
filled up our glass.
I….”No .I am not drinking. That was just for formality.”Nisha pushed drink into my hand.
Nisha…” Come on honey .you are up tight .you need to loosen your inhibitions. Today is New Year eve. Only tonight. !’
Monisha…” Dear. it will help you to relax .I will tell you … in my profession almost every day we have party . But believe me I never got drunk with champagne.” Either side they pressed their lips on my cheeks to cheer me up. I started sipping my drink. Over my skirt Nisha put her hand on my thigh and stroked me. I felt Monisha’s hand on my shoulder .I looked at her she gently pulled me to her .I turned to her. We sipped looking into eye others eyes. Nisha continued
with her gentle strokes.
I… “Monisha .you got the resemblance of Sharon stone. With your business suiting you look straight out of Basic instinct”. Now I could feel Nisha’s hand under my skirt and stroking my inner thighs. I pretended as if I am having serious conversation with Monisha.
Monisha….”I am an ardent fan of Sharon stone. We fans imitate their life style and
I slightly parted my thighs for Nisha to feel my pussy. . Monisha continued.” You remember Sharon stone in basic instinct. Have you noticed her pussy in it…?” I felt bit embarrassed .I am meeting her for the first time and she is talking about Sharon’s pussy! I smiled at her .she went on “it is not only every man wanted to get between her legs! We girl fans would love to die between her legs! “
I wondered is it a battlefield or what to die for? If I ever would like to die between some one’s leg it none other then Merlin Manro.She is the ultimate sex godess. Years ago I had seen once her pin up photo but her immages still lingers in my mind. Any way I like Monisha’s sense of humor and her sexual fantasy.


KATHY I MISS YOU... (Erotic)
Friendship, love, dreams, fantasies, erotic.

It's about a beautiful woman I met over the blog.she helped me to dream (write) for a better Tomorrow. Thank you. Kathy.

I was an unemployed family man desperate to survive with my family; due to unemployment my wife took my daughter to her native place .we also had irreconcilable differences between us. When I met my daughter for the last time, abut two and half years ago I promised her "the day your papa gets job; I will take my little princess my house" The only promise I could not keep up till now. My little princess still remains a distant dream. Without my little princess I was
emotionally drained .I wrote my first semi fiction .The Life of A Little Princess. Story tells you how globalization had ruined our life. I am one among millions of service technician in India who were affected by globalization. Read the life of a little princess to know more about me and my family in my blog .the story has moral for the public; especially for the housewives. It was a new subject, publishers refused to publish it. They are willing to publish if only I can spent $ 500
(RS 22,500) .my family had fallen into a bottomless pit (debt) It is an astronomical sum for an unemployed family man. My dream of getting it published remains a dream.

I met Kathy (name changed) at the fag end of my life. Kathy happens to read my erotic fictions .she always gave me good reviews .I thanked her for her review but she never bothered to read my own family story. She read all my erotic fiction in my blog .she was fascinated by my erotic imagination in my fictions. Even when I was not sure whether I can have next meal or not I wrote stories for her .she helped to dream (write) for a better tomorrow .she help me some of my meal (money). Forever I will be grateful for that.

As a budding writer I am not here to preach. Most to my stories contains some messages for the public .to me what can be sold in the market is more important than preaching.” yes, I am preaching about UNIVERSAL LOVE. The New Religion. I will publish it on my blog some other day. From the blog I found my readers are interested in erotic fictions. I went on to write "my sexual fantasies about you…", it was an extract from ETERNAL LOVE. sci-fi love story (mature).

We exchanged short messages .she was well educated and a working woman with two young children living in states. I told nothing about my broken marriage and poverty …there was an instant liking between us. . I send one massage to her, which means "neither had you known me nor I knew you, but now it seems we knew each other in our previous birth". Gradually got to know each other .we both suffered marital discord followed by mental agony in our life, which brought us even closer. Over a period of time .we shared our feeling for each other. I wrote my bittersweet memories about a married woman in my life. BROKEN HEART. A Leaf of Life
…(facts not fictions) in my blog.

One afternoon after the lunch I lit cigarette and laid on my bed…….
I received Email alert on my cell phone. It was from Kathy. It was an invitation for dinner at at her residence. Even though we shared passion and feelings for each other over the net that was the first time we were meeting personally. I had seen her photographs on her blog. She is beautiful and a real woman. We stayed in same city but far away form each other's place.

In my fantasy fictions I am a lover boy, a Casanova and a real stud but in reality I am a healthy man of fifty years with clean habits. I had borrowed money from my house owner. Put on my best shirt and pants. I went to her house by bus. From near by her house I bought pink orchards. I was bit nervous…I was not confident of me…. What if she expects me to make ‘Eternal Love’ to her?

I went to near by medical shop and popped up one Viagra. A martini will do for a wonder full night.

As I approached her house I could hear soft Beethoven symphony. It was 7-30 p.m. I pressed on calling bell .she opened main door with a broad smile. She welcomed me inside her house. I handed over flower to her, she leaned and kissed on my right cheek .she went and closed main door behind me. She came to me and took my right hand and led me to the sofa. . She wore a long satin gown, on top it had a bit long V cut opening showing her beautiful cleavage. Her satin gown hugged her voluptuous body. Her nipple gives me clues that she was not wearing bra. I presented her
martini .she thanked me for that; I was bit tense. I was not sure what to talk to her in person.

We just sat their enjoyed music and looked into each other's eyes. She was smiling without any apparent reason. She got up and said “let’s celebrate; I will bring some thing to eat ". As she walked she swayed her board hip. She had a beautiful bottom too!

I checked her collection of books. She had enough romantic and erotic fictions in her bookshelf.Books from Mills and booms, Betsy and other collection from herald robins. One of the books was not kept in order. I took it to arrange it .the book was Kamsutra. Was it her deliberate act? She sure knows as a writer I was likely to check on her collection of books. She is a smart cookie. I went through the illustrated pages of Kamsutra book. In fact I have the very same book in my room .I was wondering is she expect me to perform the entire act for her. I did not notice her presence behind me. She said "Excuse me”. I closed the book. She took it from my
hand with a mischievous smile and stuffed the book between other books. She took my hand and said "common; Ji ". She calls me Ji. (Ji is short for Jivan). I settled down on sofa. She placed champagne glass on the tea poi. I took Fried nuts. Standing opposite to me she poured two drinks.

Her beautiful boobs were inviting me; I just winked at them. She handed over my drink and we said cheers in unison. She came to my right side and sat on the sofa. Seeing me bit tense she placed her hand on my thigh as if to assure me "every thing will be all right "! .I felt relaxed. She then asked me about my new Novel .I put my right hand on her shoulder and gently pulled her closer to me and said "Trade secrete; honey, you will get the first copy from me." my promise made her happy.

After we emptied our first round .she got up and took my hand and led me to the center of the room.
"Come on Ji, let’s dance” I do not know how to dance .I felt bit awkward. She encouraged me.
She continued” Ji it is very simple." she pulled me closer to her.” now you place your right hand around my hip. “I put my right hand around her hip. She took my left hand in her hand. “Watch this step “.she made simple steps. She completed by saying 'Ji it is the same steps we will end up repeating. It was an old ballroom dance .I remembers seeing it in holly wood movies .it was simple .I could have easily followed it but I preferred to act funny. We end up dumping into each
other. Our dancing came to a grinding halt. She looked deep into my eyes. Now what? I just blurted out. "Looking deep into your aquamarine eyes; I found my self swimming in the ocean of love " her eyes sparkled; she spread her sensuous lips wider than ever.

With my nose I rubbed on her chines nose and kissed on the tip of it .she pulled me up against her. Without kissing her on her lips, I moved my lips over her face. I was teasing her. As I moved my lips over her lips she bit my lower lips and held it there. She then started making small steps backwards. I had no other option but to move along with her. After she took couple of steps back wards, she was stopped by the wall behind her .she smiled with her eyes but not willing to surrender to me...