Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Selling woman’s Fragrance.(Concept)

Selling woman’s Fragrance.(concept)
 Advertisement. Video/film.
 Location. Hyper Mall.
 A young man doing window shopping. He was looking at an expensive suiting worn by a mannequin. He started day dreaming. He imagine wearing that expensive suiting and standing like a mannequin. A young woman passes behind him. He catches her perfume smell and was mesmerized by the smell and slowly turned around to see her. He was looking in opposite direction. he could not find her.he then looks around the mall. By the time girl had moved to fourth boutique shop .he smell the air and follow the scent of woman in right direction. it takes him in opposite direction and lead him to the boutique .Sniffing the air and following the scent smell he entered into boutique. He found lots of young girls making selection of cloths. He waits at the counter for the sent of that woman. By the time young woman had selected new cloths and came to counter to pay the bill.
 Young man....”Hi,
 Young woman.......”Hai”
 Young man.......” what is the name of your perfume”?
 Young woman...”scent of a woman; ...........(Add perfume name here) she says the name of perfume)
 Young man ....”You smell great, I love you!”
 She pays the bill and move on with a wide smile. He keeps following her with a mischievous smile on his face.
 N.B Half the battle is won! Other half on a soft bed.)Lol.