Tuesday, February 28, 2012



Here I am not writing anything new. Most of the Indians are aware of spurious food and medicines available in India.

‘How pure is your glass of milk?’ Indian Express-24-2-12.  Our one  glass of milk contain sodium carbonate (washing soda) sodium hydroxide (caustic soda) sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) Ammonium sulphate , urea and tapioca starch for longer shelf life and  thickening of milk.

Doctors say “the urea content in milk can damage kidneys and caustic soda can cause acute hypertension and heart ailments. Other chemicals are cancer causing agents are washing soda and caustic soda.
Most of the Indians drink milk.  Think of small children drinking chemical mixed milk every day. We are feeding our own children slow poison (milk).

According to the World health organization thirty five per cent of world’s spurious drugs are produced in India.   Person taking spurious drugs does not know that it is counterfeit. If there is no improvement even after taking ‘drugs’ patient usually think the diagnosis was wrong . He keeps consulting doctors and end up with series of tests resulting in increased expenditure and mental agony.

In India you get specious food and medicine everywhere.   Like in U.S and Europe we Indians need Food and drug Administration approval for selling food and drugs in the market.

Few more examples are here.
Next time when you pop tablets make sure you are not taking choke powder pill!
When you buy coffee powder you get fifty per cent coffee powders and little bit of chicory, rest consist of roasted and powdered tamarind seeds.
Dusted tea powders are mixed with red wood particles chemical powder.
We Indians use tamaric powder in most of the curry (gravy). Only few percent of tamarind powder is used rest they mix it with industrial color chemicals (dye).
My branded cigarette made by India’s leading manufacture consists of Virginia tobacco and wood particles.   My manufacture will claim my cigarette is counter fit! Nobody make duplicate cigarettes it is the same manufacturers make duplicate cigarettes!
Fifty percent of automobile spare parts available in Indian markets are duplicate. When you ask for spare parts shop owner will give you original which cost double the amount of cost. In case if you don't buy original because of high cost then he will offer you duplicate spare parts at half the rate!  We Indian like cheap and best! Perhaps this could be one of the reasons for high rate of road accidents in India. List is incomplete.....

Counterfeit items are not always manufactured by other parties. In some of the case original   manufactures will make spurious food and medicines by using substandard ingredients! Because of corrupted government officials spurious food and drugs will be available in Indian market.  There are few ways to stop spurious food and drugs.

One, Higher government officials to check manufacturing plants periodically to make sure that manufactures are not making spurious medicines.
Two, Buying food and medicines from the market and send it for laboratory test periodically.
Three, Engage (reward suitably) public to report spurious food and medicine manufacturing companies to the higher officials.

Stringent punishment should be meted out for manufacturing spurious drugs and food manufactures. A part from sealing manufacturing plant imprisonment and heavy fine should be imposed on offenders.
 You will find root of the problem is corrupted government officials.  White crime like corruption and bribe taking by government official should consider as serious offence. Non-bail able warrant, heavy fine and imprisonment can bring down number of corrupted government officials.

We Indians know our food and medicines are spurious but what can we do? Like our local movie hero we do not beat up our health minister. It is just one of the news we read it from our newspaper. We Indians are used to live with maladies. If you ask our P.M or health minister they will tell you it is not a serious issue at all! In India we have hundreds of serious issues like high level corruption, terrorism internal and external (cross border terrorism)  honour killing, untouchability, Maoist, nexalism, malnutrition, rape, growing crime rate... we Indians are used to it!

We need national level high powered health inspectors to check adulterated food and medicines.  Every time they unearth spurious food and medicine making factories they should have the power to seal and put people responsible behind the bars for long period of time without bail and parole.Unless and until there are stringent law to deal spurious food and medicines manufactures, they will continue to feed our people with poison.

There are ways to eradicate corruption! First we have to find who is responsible for corruption? Is it government officials or we the public? 
To get the clear picture I will write about how to eradicate corruption in India!

People write to enlighten others! Do you believe me? I write articles out of sheer boredom! But it is hard to believe.