Thursday, February 9, 2012




Dear friends,

I never thought of writing this particular article. Kolaveri di. Song had become phenomenal success with over two million hits.

Here is my verdict for the song. it is a vulgar song.

Foreigners like it because they do not know the meaning of song or they never heard drunken song sung by a drunkard man in Tamil nadu slums. We had enough such songs in Tamil movies. We dismissed it as just another song sung by a drunkard man.

KOLAVERI (War Cry) you will see it in our regional movies before villain takes his last chance on hero. In this song he is asking why this Kolaveri di? Now a day’s people flare-up without provocation. Why so much of stress, pent-up feeling and frustration in common man’s life? Reason could be inflation, nagging wife or not able to acquire wealth or fame.

Here wealth is not measured in hot cash; it is measured in property or material. A common Indian always dream of being rich and famous. Reality bites him hard but he cannot bite back. He can only unleash his anger against his own family members, friends or vulnerable people.

People’s level of tolerance had gone. Why? You pray daily. You meditate. You are into spiritualism. Then why this Kolaveri?

Few words about Dhanush, the actor who sang this song. He has been acting in movies for the past ten years. He had inspired scores of newcomers into movie field. Over the years he had proved his acting talent. When you watch his movies it is not his appearance that you notice but his body language and his ability to portray different character flawlessly. Among the young actors he stands alone.

Along with his appearance come his limitations! He cannot act like a super hero or high profile play boy. He is good when he act like a common man.

With the stupendous success of Kolaveri di he was invited to Indian Institute of Management (IIM) of Allahabad to give speech about viral marketing! Viral marketing was already there on the Net. How effective is viral marketing? On the Net you will find millions of products. How many manufactures were able to tap potential of viral marketing?

ROBOT (Endiran) movie was made at the cost of Rs.160 crores and Rs 60 crores they spent on advertisement alone. It is greatest flop movie ever made in Indian history. RA-one was made at the cost of Rs 100 crores and Rs40 crores were spent only for advertisement. It was one hundred and forty cores fireworks at the box office. Both the movie producers had bombarded T.V and Net with their advertisement. You make science fiction comedy or tragedy movies and expected to recover your money through viral marketing? Now you tell me why ROBOT and RA-One could not recover production cost through viral marketing or hype.

Viral marketing can only create awareness but it cannot sell products. Certainly not every product can be sold through viral marketing nor can it guarantee the sale of products.

Customers / audience will decide the fate of your product. Money matters.

Now I would like to know your opinion about viral marketing.



N.B: if you foreigners are enjoying Kolaveri di perhaps you do not know the meaning of song. It is really a vulgar song.