Friday, March 2, 2012

Corruptions in India.

Corruptions in India.
When you write about corruption you have to write who is responsible for corruption and bribe. Is it the government official or we the people of India?
In the olden days corruption or bribe taking was not rampant. Only few government officials were involved and they were treated as shame. Now it is part of Indian way of life and nobody treat corruption or bribe taking seriously.
In my opinion in the beginning rich people had encouraged government officials to take bribe.  With money they do not want to run from pillar to post to get their work done by government officials. Naturally it encouraged government officials to ask for money or favor to get our work done. Now it has become norms. Now for the most of the work they have fixed rate for doing work though government officials.  Those 'fixed rates’ are divided among them based on their position in the office.
every work carries fixed rate .rate differ from state to central, state to state, city to rural area. Without money or favor work can be done but the problem is you work may take months or years to complete. At times your work will become ‘untouchable' or stay in cold storage for very long time.
In short to get our work done by government officials we have to shell out ‘extra‘ money whether it is to get approval for your plot, electrical, water or sewage connection even after paying proper charges to the government.  Each of their department will demand their pound of your flesh.   
Nobody can force government official to work faster or more efficiently. Most of them prefer to perform their 'duty'. To work efficiently they need boost (extra money).
Here is one of the incident known to me.
Recently our supreme court had acknowledged that nothing moves without money in our government office. Here is a sample.  To get your land certificates from a village officer you have to shell our Rs 10,000! (Chennai city was only 24 sq. .Km in 1975 after the proliferation of I.T sector special economic zone was developed. Now Chennai city is 149 sq.K.m. Land registration charge is only Rs.300/- for the government. But the village officer will ask for Rs.10, 000/- wanna know the reason?  To get your document signed, your paper need to pass through three more person. HOD will take fifty percent of the money rest goes to other person involved in it. They divided money according to their post. If you don’t pay money your documents will stay there in cold storage for very long period. Or you will end up running from pillar to post. If you have money you will find touts in all the government office premise and public places. They have the ‘right connection’. Their service is reliable and pretty fast. But you will end up paying commission for his devoted service.  Here money makes life easier.
 People who get their work done through government office can write more about corruption and bribe taking. 
To get movement job people spent lakhs of Indian rupees only to mint more money as long as there are in service. They want money to send their children abroad for studies, or their children to become I A S, I P S, I T professional, engineer or doctors.
Most of the government officials buy property (land or flats) in binamy’s (trusted or known persons) name only. To find out their ill-gotten wealth is not easy.  There is one way to find out. Whenever someone purchase property and register it through government office he / she should be able to prove them how he / she had 'saved' money to buy property. His or her income for the past five or ten years should come under scrutiny. If property was purchased in binamy’s name he / she cannot prove income properly. In that case property should be seized and attached as government property. This will stop people buying property with ill-gotten money. 
 To bring an end to corruption we need electoral reforms! Not all the social workers enter into politics. It is usually greedy and corrupted people who want to make fame and fortune join Indian politics.  In India it is common for local thugs to enter into politics and later to become minister or M.P.
First you need to know our 'candidates' history. Out of seven hundred and odd M.P in lower and upper parliament, there are more than one hundred and sixty five M.Ps with criminal records in our parliament. That is more than thirty five percent of them!
Mother of all corruption took place when congress government was at the center.  Whether it is BOFOS Gun, 2G scam or Devos deal. You all though 2G scam was mother of all scam .No, it is not 2G scam it is Devos deal.  Head of Indian space research organization (ISRO) were involved in the scam (shame). It is two lakhs crores of Indian rupees scam. Case is still in the court. No one will know how many head will roll. It scientist level people are involved in scam whom will you trust?
People still vote for congress. Opposition party BJP is communal party. Communist party in India is opportunist’s party. They are not a force to reckon with.
Election commission should ban all criminals contesting election.  They should also ban political parties based on Religion, caste or creed. You will find most of the regional parties based on caste or creed.
Most of the politicians in India amassed wealth inappropriate to their income in benamy's name or in foreign safe heaven.
 People in India should unite and fight against corruption. People should stop dividing by north / south, religion, caste when it comes to fight against corruption. 
Retired public servant like I A S and I P S should join politic to give clean administration.
Voting is our birth right.
 Our destiny is in our hand.
 Vote without favor or religious sentiments.
Vote for ME!
Yes! I am starting new political party called UNIVERSAL LOVE. Religion, cast, sex no bar! All are welcome.
Vote for jivan!