Thursday, April 26, 2012

Why do people believe in God?

Why do people believe in God?

 My past six years of life forced me to think ‘why do people believe in god? ‘I think I found answer for that. Perhaps I am the last one to find out!

I was always wondering why ninety nine percent of Indians and ninety person of world population believe in god.  Youngsters in India will tell you they do not believe in god. Because it is not kool. That means you are not brave or adventurous.  You are god fearing and superstitious man. These same people before attending interview or exams pray god. When they fall sick they break coconut at the nearest temple to recover from illness. They also pray god when they face bad time in life. They always ask same question to god “O’god why me’?

I went through hell for the past six years! My ex-friends refused to help me. None of them had time for me. Then six of the writers refused to co-author my fiction Eternal Love. I only wanted them to write sub plots and give professional touch. Four of the ghost writers did not responded to my request letter. Publisher expressed their ‘inability’ to publish. They turned down polity. If not they send me estimate to publish my fiction. Producers could not find business opportunity in my fiction. Shit happens, but life goes on….

To think rationally you need not be a rich man or highly qualified person. Poor people believe ninety nine percent of their problems can be solved if they had money.

People who believe in god are hypocrites!  They think only god can solve their problems. They expect miracle to happen in their life.

Here is simple way of thinking rationally to get rid of god.

Can you get through exams without preparing for it?

God will not provide you food even if you pray all your life time. If you are in a situation where you realize that there is no free lunch in this world.  You will start working for your lunch. I think every work place there should be a board. ‘No, free lunch here’! So that employees do not perform work. They will do their duty with responsibility.

If you are sick you need to consult with a doctor.

Whey your god cannot practically help you in your lifetime why do you still expect him to preform miracle in your life?

Let me explain the reason behind people believing in god. We all are escapists!

Yeas! Whether we are atheist or theist, rich or poor we all are escapist when faced with reality we like to run away!

When my wife left me with my only daughter to her native place I gave-up my job and decided to write fiction! My own family though I was mad. Theist will turn to god, spiritualism, or meditation .some others will became addicted to drinks or drugs.  Rich people go for world tour. Whatever the medium we choose to escape from reality bite (bad time) we are escapists.

I.e.: if your wife runs away with your enemy… theist will pray god ‘O’my God, I have been a good all along my life. Then why is this happing to me?
I will also pay ’O’my Dog! Why is this happening to me? I am an honest man, I had never cheated anyone in my life time, and never had I meddled internal affairs of others. I had always localized my problems and was trying to solve problems all my life. And waited for answer…..
My conscience (inner voice) told me ….”Your wife ran away with your worst enemy?’ good ridden! Don’t worry!! Be Happy!!!  (MAN, Shit happens, but life goes ON and ON…  Your wife is not the end of your life. You have your own life. It is time to move your Ass…)

Human life is the most complicated and unpredictable life. Things can go wrong (shit happens) but life goes on and on…..
Today I am a ‘published Author’! Tomorrow I am going to work as creative director for movie version of my fiction. And in future I want to play Atheist ‘god’ in India. Think of those lucky bastards premanda samy Gal, Nithayanda samy Gal and all those goody goody chicks waiting to fall at my feet. O’Yeah, I am rearing to go…

Even though no miracle is going to take place in their life theist pacify their mind by praying god, they spend money at the temples check with astrologers, numerologists, tarot card readers .if nothing succeeds they will blame it on bad times to pacify their mind.  ‘God will save me …. Let their belief save them from their misery. AAMEN!

We atheist try to find out the root of problem and try to solve or get help to overcome our difficulties.

As I said earlier human life is most complicated and unpredictable. There are certain things which are beyond our control. Like we say 'there is something about Mary'. Certainly praying god to solve our day to day problems or expecting miracles to happen in our life is not the answer. It is our life. Take control of life. Our life if you believe in fate is in our hands. Work for a better tomorrow.

Jesus Christ, Prophet Mohammed Nabi,Ram... They are all messengers of god. They all said same thing.  There is one and only almighty god. He is the creator of our universe. funny thing is that they all promoted only their religion.

One hundred and fifty years ago a noble man from Kerala, south India .Sri Narayana Guru said ‘one god for mankind’ from theist point of view. He had studied Hinduism, Bible and Koran.

I am also saying same thing from Atheist point of view in my book ‘Universal Love ‘the new religion. ‘The day people think beyond messenger of god, world would be a better place to live-in till then chaos! Atheist-Jivan.
Once you are capable of thinking beyond religion based messenger of god your search for god will end with your end!

Do not trust me! Here is the proof. You will find sadhus (saints) on the banks of ganga river, Rishikesh, kasi, Badranath like north Indian places. Only after finishing their ‘Karma’ (duty) as father. like Children’s studies and marriage etc they are supposed to go for ‘moksha’ (salvation)   Most of the run away from home to avoid wife’s ‘treatment’ in old age. (When I wrote 'women are the deadliest species on earth' nobody agreed with me.) They go for meditation and spiritualism to attain salvation. some of them became addicted to drugs to forget their wife and married life!

Their search for god will end with their end! Period (the end).