Saturday, May 19, 2012

Abolish the death penalty?

Abolish the death penalty?
Listen to the video footage before you disagree with me.

Amnesty International
Protect human life, who's life are they talking about?

There are people making a living just getting paid to kill others. The hired assassins, terrorists who kill hundreds perhaps thousands of innocent people in the name of religion, ethnic cleansing, military dictators who wiped out different clans, war loads. The rape and murder accused.  Whose life amnesty international are they talking about? Is above mentions people’s life is more precious than innocent people life?

Is amnesty international is tell us perpetrator of crime is not aware of the punishment? Where there is a law you follow the law. It is just that simple. When you go to Saudi Arabia and Iran like country you just follow their law. Right? Your amnesty international law does not work there.  You will become law abiding citizen there. Why? Because you are shit scared of your life, one wrong move will cost your life. (If you rape or kill any of their citizens). Death penalty is a deterrent for killers. It is good we don’t want killers roaming in our neighborhood.  Today it is your life; tomorrow it could be any one’s life.

In India we do not hang every killer. If the person is a serial killer or hired assassin, if the victim was killed and hid body dismembered or killed in a gruesome manner  Or if the case comes under the rarest of rare supreme court judge will award death sentence . Most of them apply for mercy petition and comes out clean!   Most of the death sentence was muted to life imprisonment in India. Death sentence is the only deterrent weapon for killers. Supreme Court judgment cannot be wrong.

Jermi Iron made special appeal on behalf of Amnesty international; He says ‘waiting for death is horrible. However brutal death penalty is not acceptable. Why? Because law will some time take some time more than a decade to award death sentence. And the judgment cannot go wrong. A Supreme Court judge knows what the right punishment for them. The killer dies thousand times before he is actually noose is put around his neck.  He is also talking about fundamental rights of individual (killer). When an innocent person's life was blow up and their family life suffer irreversible loss of life and income. Who is responsible for their life? If it is not killer, do you (Amnesty international) HOD take responsibity? Will they provide safety and security of people living all over the world? Stop preaching. Think how to stop genocide and killers. Let government of each county decide and take appropriate action against perpetrator of crime. They know what is good for their citizen.

Why should we reform killers and murders? Why should government spent pubic money to reform killers? .he/ she should know the rules of their country and should obey and live by it .nobody is kill for nothing.  It is for money, material or in the name of religion.

Mumbai carnage killed more than285 innocent people. Should we kiss the ass of KASAB? 1991 Mumbai bomb blast. More than 250 people got killed and more than 700 people were injured. The mastermind is living in safe haven in our neighboring country. Should we built shrine for him and worship him?

There is no different between a killer and a terrorist. Why do you want terrorists to be reformed? so that they became another Martin Luther King or saint?

in U.S and Europe killers empty his Uzi 'or deadly weapon on innocent children at school or pubic palaces and he get away with murder by saying lame excuses that he was under alcohol, drugs, severe depression, his girlfriend ditched him only to get away with murder. Is he not aware of the punishment for manslaughter? Hope he is eating food nothing else...?

Why do you need two different yard stick for same crime? one for the killer and one for the terrorists? When master mind Osama bin laden blasted twin towers you (U.S) did not pardon him. They hunt down and killed him after ten years in another country. Why? If journalists can meet Osama for interview why none of the amnesty international people met him and talked in favor of him? And you say 'whatever the reason for killing, death penalty is not the answer. Then why did you kill Osama bin laden?  Hundreds of millions of USD your government spent over the past ten years to hunt down and kill Osama bin Laden. It is your tax payers’ money, the blood is in your hand too.

U.S did not hand over his body for last right to perform you know the reason? Al-Quaid will build shrine and Jihadist will hunt down innocent U.S citizen across the world. Your government is even shit scared of releasing video of shoot-out. They know U.S citizens will became easy target for them. U.S government will find it impossible to take appropriate action in in Pakistan, Yemen and Afghanistan.

Your government had set prize for Al-sherwi for twenty five million. Sayeed is wanted for Mumbai blast; there is ten million prizes for his capture. So elimination is ok? Right? As long as it suits U.S government policy....

Ask any of those peoples who lost near and dear one in terrorist act. Can any one of them can pardon those terrorist and killer. Some people end up living with killers and terrorist in the same locality.  This happen when communal riot take places .what was the innocent persons fault?

What shits are these Amnesty international people talking about? Reform terrorists and killers so that they became another Gandhi or lord Buddha?

We have ' encounter specialists' in India when kidnapping of innocent children take palace. Our only hope is encounter specialists. Then there are serial killers, hired assassins there is no way we can get rid of then or reform them through legal means...  in India Amnesty international and human right organization is hand in hand with terrorists and killers, Nexalites and Maoists. Do you have Nexalites and Maoists in your democratically elected country?  They make life miserable for villagers and people living in coastal areas .they blast railway station, railway tracks, loot passaging trains and buses. All the passing trains get disrupted tens and thousands of commutates are put to hard ship. Which other democratically elected country allow nexalism and Maoists to operate in their country with immunity? Our Indian government allows! They are shit scared of human right organization and Amnesty international. Nexalites and Maoists control and make money by extortion, kidnapping, drugs and forced prostitution. They make more than 500 million per year. They have ruling regional party and local patronage! These are just killers and dacoits. And you people are telling us not to eliminate them?

Each country has own sets of problems. You do not poke your nose everywhere. In each country they have law to deal with terrorists and outlaws.  Their government knows what is good for their citizens. You do not try your dirty trick in Iran, North Korea, and china, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia and other Muslim where sharia laws are imposed. Outsiders see sharia law as tribal law. For them that is their way of imposing stringent law for trouble makers. Crime rate is definitely less in Muslim countries than in U.S or Europe only because of stringed law. I am not a supporter of sharia law but it is their way of controlling crime rate.

I am sure there are billions of people like me who will oppose abolishing death penalty. Death penalty is a deterrent for killers. No one has the right to kill innocent people. But ever one has the right to support death sentence .today someone killed somebody tomorrow it could be the victim.

We Indians are better off without KILLERS and TERRORISTS.


N.B: I know by not supporting Amnesty international and Human Right Organization I became uncivilized man. Saying my opinion is more important than acting like a cool man.