Monday, May 14, 2012



An anonymous person (book club India) who is really concerned about the quality of Indian writers in English put on a site on Facebook.  One of the book is yet to be released came under scrutiny.  A single page shot was put on display for others to read. There were enough mistakes on one single page.  There were more than 82 comments. It was more like a debate. Being a mute spectator you will observe few things.

At first you have to ask same question to yourself and find out the reason for’ why quality of Indian English writer degraded”?

 Let me explain. When new budding writers gets repeatedly letter from publishers expressing their’ inability’ (condolence message / Ram Nam sathya hai) new writers go in for POD mode, E-Pub or E-books. POD publishers offer three different plans. Gold, diamond and platinum.

 If you opt for platinum they will offer you fifty per cent royalty for every book they sell.  Book promotion ceremony will be held at five star hotels. You will be able to sell few books on signing ceremony. Some of the will arrange worldwide book signing ceremony.  Video presentation on T.V, F.M, youtube, book review by a promint writer on your leading national newspaper etc.  Publisher makes it a memorable event so that you can cherish those moment for the rest of your life.  You became celebrity by overnight.

Forget about your book creating Tsunami among readers. It could not even make ripples.  You may even wonder what the heck is wrong with my book.

Here is the answer .Did they offer you fifty per cent royalty?  Table top presentation with glossy cover page? Everybody would love to keep your book on their book shelf.  Still why you book became dud? It is very unlikely readers are going to foot fancy prize for a new writer’s book.

Indian POD publishers are one step ahead of others. They also offer three different plans.  With, without and the third option is for vanity writers.
‘With’ comes with editing, proofreading and polishing. It is cost real money.
‘Without’ also cost money. Without editing, proofreading and polishing, no publicity for your book. Their mantra “No business is bad business as long as they make minimum ten per cent profit out of every struggling writer who wants to get their fiction published.  When you get published ‘without’ writer’s proficiency in English will be visible to naked eyes. Kebab May Haddy? Bone in meat ball? Lol
Scared? Not really. Xlibris Corporation of U.S.A had done tight editing (no frills) and proofreading of my fiction Eternal Love.  After reading my own book only I had realised the importance of editing and proofreading.

This week I will be introducing Eternal Love in India.  I had done censoring of Eternal Love for Indian readers. No more explicit love making scenes.  It will be just the way I wrote Eternal Love on my blog.
Apart from shot synopsis my book is linked to my blog. Three chapters of web excerpt readers will be able to read it on my blog before they decide to buy my fiction. Reader will be reading new story concept in filmy style. The prize of Eternal Love Indian edition will cost only Rs.175/- or $ 3.5 only.

In India it is easy to find chick lit and other books by new authors. Most of them sell their books between Rs 80/- to Rs12/- when you read such books you do not look for quality writing. You read it for entertainment value.  You cannot even keep it on your book shelf. Some of the books are full of sleaze.

Now customer is the king. When a person looks for cheap thrill he will not complain about quality. I.e. when you go to a local restaurant you look for tasty food at moderate prize because your expectation is low. At the same time when you go to a five star hotel your expectation is very high.  You expect quality and tasty food of your choice, atmosphere, interior decoration, ambient temperature and lighting condition, background music, behaviour of the food supplier, his body language and his tone and few other things… and if you are not satisfied with the food or service you are definitely going to write it on their complaint book because you are disappointed and did not get your money’s worth. It is just that simple.

To write critic review for book and movie one needs experience. Here on our newspaper you will find collage or even high school students writing critic review for books and movies. I do not read such reviews.
If people like short synopsis of my fiction they will buy it, if they are happy with my book they will recommend my fiction for their friends.

Market is driven by consumerism. Here product / service logic works better. If your product or service is really good customer will recommend your product/ service to four other friend or known people. If your product/services are bad then they will tell ten other people.
So, the fate of your book is in the hands of your readers.