Saturday, September 29, 2012

Creativity @ what cost?

Creativity @ what cost?
Today (00-6-74) my high school result will be out. I am not going to pray god. I only thought about Murphy's Law (sambha-vami - You Gay? you Gay!). At the school result board I found my number was missing from the pass list! I had to pacify my mind .No, problem there is always another chance. To lift the spirit of my fellow country boys I wrote Napoleon Bonaparte’s famous quote "Failures are stepping stone for victory" and went home only to get shouting form my old man. He told me to prepare for next exam which will take place in six months’ time.
In those days ('74) there was no compartmental system. We cannot write only failed subject and get through. We had to pass all six subjects to go to junior college. Coming exam was crucial for all those failed students after that new syllabus will be I studied hard and fast! Results were 'Ta-Tai-Wa..! (None better). I had failed in same subject. English and Maths. I do not know who had invented English grammar. @#$&!    Maths, no wonder when you have mental block you cannot force your brain to lean Greek.
With single income he had to feed seven mouth (including his own), spent money for our education, house rent, E.B bill etc. . . .my old man was very furious and felt sorry for me.  "I do not know what you will become in life; your life depends on your fate!” Amen!
We failed boys and girls created some sort of history in Kerala in the year 1975. Since new syllabus will be introduced in the next academic year almost every one appeared for Xth exam. Out of 4, 50,000+ students only 1, 74,000 got through! Instead of giving a 'liberal push' teachers decided to dumb all the dump head guys and girls. I was one among those lucky one.
High school teacher had taught me how to calculate profit and losses. So far I could only calculate losses in my life.
My brother had finished engineering and sisters completed graduation. In those days getting job in Kerala was very difficult. My father was working in Madras (Chennai). He said it is better to move to Chennai so that it will be easy for them to get job and I can study privet diploma course in A/C & Ref.
On 15-6-75 we came to Chennai. As a young boy I used to watch Hindi movie for love, romance, dance, songs and entertainment value. Hollywood movies for technical excellence. Direction, cinematography, special effect, lighting, methodical acting, actors, actress new story concept and different genre movies.
I checked with Chennai only government run film institute for cinematography. For cinematography you need to pass +12 (intermediate) with 60% mark in maths and science. I thought of working as assistant director with movie production companies. My father was very old fashion man. He had no creativity. He told me film field people drink, use drugs, and sex. It will not suit our orthodox family. Later I studied A/C &Ref course and became service technician. My dream of working in movie field came to an end.
Only six years ago when I started writing fictions I started using my imagination / visualisation. When I wrote my first fiction 'The Life of Little Princess' my mind's canvas was only 21 inches TV size. Fiction was meant for T.V serial. When I wrote 'Roots'.  Size of my imagination became cinemascope (for movie production). I came to know it is not easy to sell fiction for movie production in India.
I though I should try my creativity in Hollywood! Only while writing my third fiction, 'War On TEROR.Sci-fi I started visualizing scenes in IMAX that too in 360 degree! I had sent short synopsis and full manuscript to one of the Hollywood screenplay writer. Later I came to know Hollywood movie production house only take screen play not even script or fiction. If fiction writer can write screenplay or script then why should Hollywood have expensive screen play writers? Finding fault with every system comes naturally to me. They have problem adopting fiction for movie production. It comes naturally to every Indian producer or directors .Even to sell your screenplay you have to find an agent in Hollywood. In Hollywood everything goes through agent only. No direct dealing. I think they do not trust any one other that registered agent. An agent will have only limited imagination when it comes to explain how the movie version of fiction will appear on screen.
Before marriage I used to watch movies on weekends either English or Hindi.  But for the past twelve years I had seen only three movies Titanic, Avatar and Tron.  Some of the modern technology used in the movies fascinates me.
Blue mat screen. You will find it in most of the sci-fiction and in action scenes.
Motion captures technology used in Avatar and other Sci-fiction movies.
Animation technology. For kids and fairy tale movies
Animatronic technology. Used in sci-fi, star war and Terminator.
And the latest technology used in Tron and Curious case of Benjamin use to make people look young.
I like the work of few Hollywood directors.
George Lucas. I liked all his star war movies. His movies helped me to visualize beyond our solar system.  One drawback is that most of the characters in star war movie lack human emotions. They look bit artificial.
Star war movies helped me to visualize in IMAX at 360 degree beyond our solar system. This kind of visualization came to handy while writing ‘War on Terror ’sci-fiction. There was a scene… a standoff between Killer satellite Terminator and an Alien space ship in outer space. In a decisive moment shoot-out take place and chain of events takes places on earth, spread across the continent!
I consider Steven spiel burg as genius. I like his work. He can make Sci-fiction as well as portray human emotions in minute details.
James Cameron. He is very dedicated director. He took 14 years from story concept level to designing special camera with Sony Corporation for making of Avatar. Perhaps he is the best all-rounder. When I set my fiction Eternal Love across the Atlantic I want him to direct! Best suited Hollywood couple for Eternal Love is Peterson and Kristen of Twilight saga. Even though I had not seen any of their movies they look like perfect couple. I was told their screen chemistry is good .Recently James Cameron had announced that he will not direct any other movie other than Avatar p2, Avatar p3, Avatarp4!
I also like Hitch coke, Richard Altenburg and few other directors’ work also. I am unable to recollect other director's names.
Creative director-jivan!
Yes! Even in Holly wood you will only find visualizer supervisor. I am not happy with the title I want a new title for me .creative director! If I have to work free for movie version of my fiction Eternal Love I will offer value added service. Help them to set the fiction across the Atlantic. The differences is not just in our culture, time also play crucial role.
I will design web page (concept only). You might have seen millions of web page. The difference will be the way it functions. Designing movie title, set designing using model, sketches and drawing. There will be lots of digital manipulation on screen. That means helping SFX and animatronic artists.
Since I do not have hand on experience in executing scenes I will help director CGI and VFX artists to get my kind of imagination. With their experiences and technical expertise they should be able to execute the scenes.
Selling my fiction for movie production is only a stepping stone for me to work for my fiction. I would be happy if I get a free chance to work as creative director for movie version of my fiction Eternal Love.
More than everything else I want my friends and enemies to appreciate my creative work (visualisation) seeing is believing
N.B Here in India movies are made with great secrecy. Producer / director think it is some kind of top military secrete. Director will not disclose content even at the time of interview.   You will only come to know of the story after movie hits the theater  I found it rather funny. What happens when a fiction adopted for movie? Where is the secrecy? Movie will only run if the audience like it.  When using film as medium it is always director’s way of presenting make the story interesting.
Having read the fiction when we go and watch movie version we audience look for few things. First director’s presentation. Whether he retained original version, did he improved upon the original story or he spoiled a beautiful story with his presentation.
It is easy for a writer to work as creative director. He ‘sees’ fiction on his mind even before he writes his fiction. Director with is experience and technical expertise can improve upon writers vision. If not it is time to replace director with executive director from Hollywood.
You know one basic difference between me and the other Indian? a local guy show case  his talent in his local place later he will try at state level only very few will make it to the national level. When you compare our population of one point two billion Indians only handful people are playing at international arena. I want to be one among them! If global audiences like my creative work naturally Indians also like my work.
Before writing fiction I was not thinking like this. Only after I got rejection or estimate for publishing my fiction I started thinking.... I had decided that I will sell my fiction for movie production house and if I get a chance to work as creative director for free I will showcase my talent for global audience.