Sunday, September 30, 2012

Life of Little Princess. part-12

One bad morning her brother and two of her uncles turned up at my house.  They wanted to know my intentions! They questioned me “You are not taking your family responsibilities, what are your intentions? I had answered it by saying that I had no intentions. “If she can live with me with whatever money I earn. If she wants to stay in her house and expecting me to send her money, then I am not going to send any money to her. At the time of marriage did I signed any agreement that I will send her money even if she stays in her house?  More than two years ago she left for her home with my daughter. Is she bothered how I am living here?  Instead of telling, her to find some work and manages life with me, you people seem interested only in money.  I am not going to pay single paisa.  Do what you want.  Do you want me to sign divorce paper?  I will sign, but do not expect me to pay alimony.  That will never happen.  I am determined.  Now you all can leave my place”. They left me by saying that I will face legal action.
I started thinking… this is a classic case of making marriage as a meat business.  Get married, have children, find fault with husband, fight over silly things with mother in law, file divorce, take alimony and live with the way she and her family wants.  This is not going to happen with me.  I am going to put a stop for this.
After a couple of days I received court notice asking me to attend in my native place Calicut.  As the D-day approaches, I started preparing for the test of my life.  I will fight it out with tooth and nail.  I need my daughter at any cost.  I knew.” yes “she will ask for her gold ornaments.  Including the interest it is Rs.25, 000.there is only one-way to recover her gold. That is by selling my mother’s wedding chain. Ever since my father died it was lying in the jewelry box .my mother had some sentimental value attached to it but there is no other way I can recover my wife’s gold ornaments. At last my mother agrees to sell her wedding chain. We got Rs26, 600 for her ornaments. I also need to write authorization letter for my wife to recover her gold ornaments from bank. I have to hand over our marriage registration certificate to the court. I do not need any lawyer to fight my case…" I went to fight my case alone in Calicut. Kerala.                                                                       
                                                  COURT PROCEDINGS.
Maya’s lawyer...“My lord!”  Here is man who does not want to take responsibility                                  Of his wife and his daughter. He is lest bothered about their welfare and  Even refuses to pay for his daughter's education. My client does not wish to her live with her husband. Allow her to get legal maintenance  allowances.
Judge.…………  "Do you have anything to say”?
I………………. . “Sir, since my wife does not wish to live with me. I request you to grand me permission for divorce and allow me to take custody of my daughter. This is my humble request”