Sunday, September 30, 2012

Life of Little princess.part-15

I thought…. “If I give my daughter to working couples; my daughter will feel lonely even thought she might have a secured life. If a housewife adopts my daughter she may still feel lonely; but if I give my daughter for adoption to Ajay's family, Sony will have a companion. Some body is there to look after her my daughter. She will never feel lonely.….” So I decided to meet Ajay's family first.
When Ajay’s daddy came home late in the evening, his mother explained everything to him including her future plans. She showed Sony's photograph in the paper. “I want to bring-up Sony as my future daughter-in-law!” He approved her plan and wished her good luck.
I had made appointment with the Ajay’s family. This will be my first step towards my daughter’s future. On Sunday I went their house with my daughter.  Having informed already they seems waiting for us. Ajay held out his hand to Sony. “You are welcome to my house". Sony shyly refuses to acknowledge his friendship. His mother lifted Sony in her arms. Thinking…”My future daughter-in-law! Not bad”! Ajay’s mother asks her son to show Sony around their house. Her husband greeted me with warm handshake.  He may be around fifty years old. We settle down in their sitting room.                                                                                      
Ajay’s father was a businessman. He introduced himself. He runs property development and Construction Company. Madam was working for M.N.C, an MBA in H. R. Division. I told about my family background. Madam came back with coffee. After the formal talk I held out one white stamp paper to madam, in that conditions for adoption were clearly written.                                                                            
Conditions for adoption: -
            (1)  My daughter should never be treated like a servant.
(2)  I must be allowed to visit my daughter whenever she asks for me.                    
(3)  make sure my daughter tells nothing but truth.                   
(4)      I want you to give her more love and affection .she should never feel that she missed her mother.
(5)      Do not force her to become first rank in the class. She should be an average student in her class.
(6)      I expect you to teach her the value of money.
(7)      Teach her how to become self-sufficient. Keeping her toys, books and taking care of her.
(8)      My humble request is that under no circumstances you should desert her.
             Signature of Ajay’s Father…    signs.    
  Signature of Ajay’s Mother…   signs
Father of Sony Gudiya. Jivan…sign.
Both of them signed on the document. They assured me that they would look after like their own daughter. I kept the original copy with me. Madam left for kitchen. Her husband spoke to me about how hard he worked to come up in his life. He studied only up to tenth standard.                                                                      
He was from poor family. He left for gulf way back in 1970. There he worked there for a Construction Company for about twelve years. He saved some money and started his own construction company in Chennai. With his sheer hard work, in about twenty -five years his company became the best Construction Company in Chennai. His company had constructed some of the best landmark buildings in our city. He asks me whether I was in need of money. He also offered me job in his company. I declined money and job. I said I am happy working as technician.
I could hear Sony making merry in the adjacent room. She seems enjoying computer video game with Ajay. It seems she was indiscriminately firing at the flying ducks. Madam invited us for lunch. We had lunch with Ajay's family. Food was good. After lunch, I took Sony alone.
I….” Sony, are you happy staying with aunty”?
Sony “Yes, papa. I am enjoying every movement here. Aunty is sweet! She makes delicious food”.
I…“Sony. Your Nana is alone at home. I must go home now. Be a good girl. Promise me that you will never tell lies to your aunty”.
She pat on my hand and said.” I promise.”
I gave her some more advises “Don’t ever fight with Ajay. Do not open fridge and take foods. If you want anything you just ask auntie, “OK”?
She said. “OK papa”.
I  ...“Help your auntie as and when required. She will love you more. Take care of yourself Sony”
I had handed over my neighbor’s phone number to madam in addition madam gives her house number.
I … “Sony takes care”.  I kissed my daughter.
Sony …”papa, when will you come back”?