Saturday, September 29, 2012

Modern Woman.

Modern Woman.
When you write an article there must be a reason. Here I am writing about modern Indian woman. Modern Indian girl/ woman love to wear low cut blouse to show off their cleavage or wear Tight T shirt so that men can measure ‘it’ with his eyes. If you are proud of your breast why are covering it with file/magazine or newspaper while talking to a man?
They also love wearing western cloths like short skirt or tight or low hip jeans. While seated across man you search for magazine / newspaper or pillow If not you cross your leg and cover your Bermuda triangle with both your hands. Why? Because you feel vulnerable, why should you wear such cloths if you are not comfortable?
Wear clothes which makes you comfortable; which make you dignified or stop making fun of men. By acting funny you girls/women are embarrassing us. When we were least thinking of you as sex object, we feel like insulted. It hurts you know?
Not every man think woman as hole. We think senior woman as our mother or sisters.  We men also like you as friend.
It is a myth that every men think about sex round the clock. We have other priorities in life.
You also have no idea about ‘our’ mind. Whether you wear burka or blanket while talking to you ‘we ‘can undress you… make love to you… and still you cannot do nothing! And believe me if a man had never ‘prostituted ‘anyone on his mind in his life time then he is not a man!
In the west girl / woman are proud of their figure. They do not act funny. They know how to behave in a civilized society.
Next time you chick/woman either take it as complement when a man loves watching you or just ignore him. It is just that simple.
I am writing on behalf of Indian men.