Saturday, September 29, 2012

Peer pressure.

Peer pressure.
Peer pressure good or bad?
I think peer pressure is bad for teenagers. More and more teenagers are getting spoiled because of peer pressure. Check this out.
1) Did you smoke alone for the first time?
No, it is your friend who offered your first cigarette and encouraged you to smoke. I had my first cigarette with my classmates while studying in eighth standard. Years later I started working in Hyderabad and also started smoking. in the beginning I though nothing can conquer my will power .Over the years I became addicted to it , more than two and half packet per day .I am yet to give-up smoking. Without will power it is impossible to kick nicotine addiction.
2) Did you go to bar alone for the first time?
It is your friend who introduced you to bottles. Started with beer you found your way to hot drinks.
3) Did you go to brothel alone for the first time?
Again it is your experienced friend who took you there.
4) You have seen the '' coolest stuff 'drugs but you do not know from where to get it or how to smoke cocaine. It is your friends party you had drugs for the first time. Now you are addicted to drugs and your 'friend' now is leading a normal life.
5) Did you think you were a villain?  Did you pick up fight when you were alone in public place?  Never. The least you will avoid picking up fight in pubic place. You will even avoid at any cost.  When you were alone, you never thought you were a villain. But with friends you do not mind indulging violence in public places. When you were with your fiends you do not mind picking up fight with stranger or looting / damaging privet or pubic property .indulged in wanton violence. It was not because of peer pressure; but it was fun.
6) In the west if college campus sex is rampant it is because of peer pressure to 'preform'. Some of them are having multiple 'partners' because your friends had encouraged you.
Teenage mind is very fickle. It is easy for others to manipulate you unless you have strong upbringing.
It is not necessary that one should become 'rotten' (addicted to drugs, drinks and sex)   before returning to lead a normal life. If you have strong family values in you should be able to say NO for the first time. Your conscious will tell you it is not O.K to take drugs, drinks or indulge in violence.
Mental maturity comes much later but as a teenager you should be able to judge what is right/good for you and your family. Even if you are not able to make your parents proud of you, you should never put your parents in shame.  When they spend so much money for your education and hope on your future it is your moral responsibity to make them proud as your parents.
My old man told me when I was caught smoking.  Jivan, “you cannot choose your parents; but you have the right to choose your friends. Choose your friends with clean habits. Do not ever put us in shame”. He was right. How many of us (parents) can advise our children like my late father? Today our children decide who should be their friends or foes. We parents do not have much influence when compared to peer pressure on our children.
here I conclude peer pressure is bad for teenager .friends are O.K as long as they do not indulged in drugs, drinks, violence etc.