Saturday, September 29, 2012


It was 6 a.m. on Sunday. Lying on the bed I was thinking how to beat the blues. Then I remembered my dad’s presentation for me. A brand new sexy helicopter he had presented me after I secured top rank in MBA result. It was still lying on our terrace. I am yet to test drive her.
I got out of bed and put on my casual cloths. Took chopper key and my I phone 5. I got into the chopper and headed towards Manhattans  Flying over Hudson River I put chopper on auto pilot mode and took video on I phone. In the early morning lights upper Manhattans looks awesome. I enjoyed shooting for some time. I thought flying my new baby through Manhattan would be much more fun.
I took left turn and entered into Manhattan area and dipped chopper …….
Kathy the teenager chick prepared her morning coffee and came to balcony of her 31th floor of her apartment. Looking at the sunrise she enjoyed sipping coffee.
Flying through the Manhattans I took left and right turn without a second thought. Man, it was cool flying through Manhattans. After I took right turn only I realized I was heading towards the dead end!
Suddenly Kathy noticed chopper heading straight at her. She was frozen in fear. Few words flashed on her mind…. Suicide mission…… Al-Quada…. 9/11……
“Come on Baby…..PULL UP...…PULL UP….  I took vertical U turn. Chopper started flying upside-down and running in opposite direction. Gradually I had changed its orientation and managed to fly back home.
Mr.Watson was starting his day with early morning walk. As he stepped out of his ground floor he heard breaking sound behind him. He turned back and found broken coffee mug into pieces. He then looked up and found one teenage gril with her face covered in her skirt and hair standing like hay stack. Jesus! The old man had never seen anything like that in his life time. His jaw dropped open.
I had safely landed my chopper on our terrace and went to my room. Changed my cloths and fell on my bed.
"Ajay, are you still sleeping?" that was my mum brining bed coffee for me.
I pretended as if I was just coming out of sleep.
"No, Mum. I was just dreaming.....”
"It is already 8.30; your papa is waiting for you to join for breakfast".
"Thank you Mum, I will be back soon...."
After handing over coffee she had left my room.
******************* CUT..............CUT**************
Tight editing should make this scene interesting. This scene is from Eternal Love for Hollywood version. For Hollywood version I will set the story across the Atlantic ocean. Once again Concord plane will spread its wings for Eternal Love! I will bring back meaning full songs and your whole family back to theatre.
N.B: As the chopper takes dip you see panoramic view of Manhattans through the wind screen frozen in time. Only rotor whining sound can be heard in the back ground. A warning notice appears from the bottom of screen and gradually moves up.
Federal aviation authority of United states of A double S
Prohibits chopper flying through the Manhattans.
Anyone found violating the rule would be prostituted!
While writing fiction I use 'I'. I found 'I' is the most powerful word. I do not know how Ajay felt when he was beaten to death in Broken Heart- graphic driven horror fiction. In National Hero- Romantic/Action/Thriller 'I' (Ajay) end up as suicide bomber and I was able to describe 'beyond' my last breath in frame by frame account.
While grouping in the dark you write about poverty, it is called reality. While groping in the dark you write about flying choppers through Manhattans it is called creativity.

Written on 02-07-12 at 1.15 A.M!
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